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'Poor Hillary' Refrain Has Hillary-Like Staying Power

Voters, rivals and pundits have been tut-tutting for years, but Clinton marches on

(Newser) - There’s Hillary Clinton, writes Libby Copeland in the Washington Post, and then there’s “Poor Hillary.” Though Barack Obama destroyed her “inevitability,” she continues to quixotically pursue the Democratic nomination, touting the power of “grit” against arithmetic, and moving op-ed writers, news anchors and... More »

Chelsea Surprised by Sexism

Former first daughter touches on hot issue while stumping

(Newser) - Once and possibly future first daughter Chelsea Clinton said Friday that she "really didn't get how much sexism there was in this country" until the New Hampshire primary campaign, when someone told her he didn't think a woman could be commander in chief, and some men disrupted a campaign... More »

Clinton Supporters See Sexist Backlash

Campaign unleashes anger, slurs from anti-Hillary men

(Newser) - Many women who support Hillary Clinton—and even some who don't—find that the New York senator's bid for president has unleashed unsettling sexist hostility in the workplace and elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reports. A woman shouted at by a stranger for her Hillary bumper sticker says the "... More »

Hillary Haters Just Don't Like Her

More than politics, Clinton antipathy is deeply personal

(Newser) - With a week to go before the Iowa caucuses, GQ looks at a subculture that hasn't gone away: the "Hillary Haters," a loose-knit collection of virulently anti-Clinton activists who can't wait to swiftboat her presidential bid. What unifies those who can't bear the thought of a Madam President... More »

4 Stories