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Cops Hunt Hedge Fund Boss in Banker's Murder

Plus: Possible banker murder-suicide investigated in Netherlands

(Newser) - The hunt is on for an "armed and dangerous" man in tiny Liechtenstein. Police say hedge fund manager Juergen Hermann is suspected of shooting and killing the CEO of Bank Frick in an underground parking lot, the Local reports. According to Swiss reports, the victim was Juergen Frick, 48,... More »

Snoop Dogg Tries to Rent an Entire Country

It's a small country, but still

(Newser) - Weird celebrity request of the day: Snoop Dogg attempted to rent an entire country for an upcoming video shoot. Liechtenstein, the European country in question, is about 61.7 square miles…small for a country, large for a video set. What’s even weirder is the country’s response: “... More »

10 Tax Havens Agree to Curtail Bank Secrecy

Brown will announce G20 deal with Switzerland, Monaco

(Newser) - Ten tax-haven nations—including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Monaco—will share information with other countries about suspected tax dodgers in a deal to be announced at this week’s G20 summit, the Telegraph reports. The deal is a coup for PM Gordon Brown, who is hosting the summit and who has... More »

Liechtenstein to Open Tax Books; Pressure's on Swiss

International pressure bends EU nation, but Switzerland is the prize

(Newser) - Liechtenstein, bowing to international pressure, said today it would adopt international standards on transparency in tax matters, turning the screws on other tax havens like Switzerland, the New York Times reports. Yesterday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development added Switzerland, Luxembourg, and others to a list of tax havens... More »

German Tax Case Reads Like Spy Thriller

Informant's tale rife with code names and kidnappings

(Newser) - Code names, kidnappings, secrets sold to international intelligence agencies: these staples of a thriller movie come from the real life of Heinrich Kieber, the whistleblower who for $7.4 million sold German authorities the information that exposed a huge tax-evasion ring. Kieber has been given a new identity and is... More »

Homes Raided Nationwide in German Tax Fraud Probe

$5B tax dodge crackdown

(Newser) - The fallout from Germany's enormous tax evasion scandal continued yesterday as police began a nationwide raid of the homes and offices of over a hundred people. More than 1,000 rich Germans are suspected of cheating the German treasury out of $5 billion by transferring huge sums to banks and... More »

Inside the Siemens Bribery Scandal

How international prosecutors dug up suspicious payments

(Newser) - In one of the world's largest corporate bribery scandals in recent years, German industrial giant Siemens allegedly channeled millions of euros in bribes to customers in Nigeria, Russia, Libya, and other countries to win infrastructure contracts. The Wall Street Journal traces the unearthing of the Siemens case across four years... More »

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