Smart Fortwo

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Smart Car: Revolution Parked in a Tiny Package

It's no hot rod, but size is perfect for city types

(Newser) - Despite an underpowered engine and lousy transmission, the tiny Smart Fortwo can be a good buy—particularly for city-dwellers, Farhad Manjoo writes in the Machinist. The mini-ride makes parking, merging, and tight turns entirely new experiences. "It's the sense that you're unstoppable in this thing, that no corner of... More »

Smart Car Makes a Little Noise

DaimlerChrysler subsidiary's pocket-size Fortwo revs up to enter US market

(Newser) - Smart USA will venture into the American auto market early next year, but not in a big way: The Smart Fortwo is very, very small. LA Times auto columnist Dan Neil takes it for a spin and reports that it's a chick magnet and a lot of fun to drive,... More »

2 Stories