erectile dysfunction

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After Hair-Loss Drug Came Years of Erectile Dysfunction

It's the first study to arrive at the finding

(Newser) - Two drugs—one to treat hair loss, the other to shrink enlarged prostates—could wreak havoc on men's sexual health. Researchers at Northwestern University reported Thursday in the journal PeerJ that among the men they studied who are between the ages of 16 and 89 and who took either... More »

Generic Viagra Is Coming to the US

It's expected to cut into Pfizer's $1.7B per year Viagra profits

(Newser) - Good news for frugal guys with erection troubles: America will soon be up to its eyeballs in generic Viagra. CBS News reports the FDA approved the first generic version of the impotence drug, known as sildenafil citrate, on Wednesday. Israel's Teva, the world's largest maker of generic drugs,... More »

How Citrus and Red Wine Could Improve Your Sex Life

Flavonoid-rich foods come with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction

(Newser) - Up to half of all middle-aged and older men are affected by erectile dysfunction, and the answer may not be a little blue pill. Men who eat foods rich in flavonoids are less likely to suffer from the condition, and that risk is even lower if they also exercise regularly.... More »

Bill Would Make Men Wait 24 Hours for Viagra

SC pol wants to make it as tough to get ED meds as it is to get abortion

(Newser) - "I purposely tried to make it as invasive, as intrusive, as hypocritical and unnecessary as possible to make the point." This from South Carolina Rep. Mia McLeod, who pre-filed legislation Thursday designed to drive a point home about women's reproductive rights. To wit: She's attempting to... More »

Coffee's Latest Claim to Fame: Erection Aid

Study finds less impotence in caffeine consumers

(Newser) - Coffee, what can't you do? It's been suggested the beverage may be able to lower your risk for multiple sclerosis , melanoma , and retinal degeneration , among other things. Now it appears the brewed beverage might also help men who are suffering from a decidedly sensitive issue: erectile dysfunction. A... More »

Could Blue Light Help Men 'Get It Up'?

Study: Rats injected with DNA and exposed to blue light got erections

(Newser) - While Viagra is the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment in the world—and there are an estimated 150 million men globally suffering from the disorder—it only strengthens an existing erection and cannot actually instigate one. Another potential treatment is in the works that doesn't incorporate drugs at all:... More »

Porn Doesn't Desensitize Guys, Cause ED: Study

If anything, porn-watchers responded 'more strongly'

(Newser) - There's been a lot of talk in recent years about porn wreaking all sorts of havoc in the bedroom, including desensitizing guys to sexual stimuli and causing erectile dysfunction. Researchers at UCLA and Concordia University put this link between a man's erectile function and his porn-watching habits to... More »

New Viagra Ad Geared Toward the Ladies

Pfizer hopes commercial will get women talking about erectile dysfunction

(Newser) - At first glance, the new Viagra ad —featuring a comely, middle-aged blonde lounging on a bed with the ocean in the background—might appear to be strictly geared toward men. But Pfizer, the drug's manufacturer, specifically designed the commercial to target women, hoping that by showing a woman... More »

Cialis Maker Wants to Sell It Over the Counter

Eli Lilly seeks change for impotence drug

(Newser) - Cialis is already the world's best-selling impotence drug, and its makers hope to significantly ramp up sales by making it available over the counter, reports Reuters . Eli Lilly has struck a deal with French drug-maker Sanofi to sell a non-prescription version, assuming they first win the permission of health... More »

For Better Sex, Lower Your Cholesterol

Researchers find men taking statins reported improved erectile function

(Newser) - Drop your cholesterol before dropping your pants, or so suggests a new study out of Rutgers University. Researchers there analyzed 11 studies on erectile dysfunction and statins, which are prescribed to lower cholesterol along with heart attack and stroke risk. What they found was that in addition to lowering those... More »

Government Spent $172M on Penis Pumps

At double the retail price per pump

(Newser) - Between 2006 and 2011, Medicare spent $172 million on penis pumps, according to a report out Monday by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services. That figure is outrageous for a reason other than that you might think. As NBC News reports, penis pumps, more properly... More »

Look Out, Viagra: Testosterone Drugs Gain Popularity

But doctors worry they'll be dangerously overused

(Newser) - New drugs designed in part to save the sex lives of aging men could become the biggest thing since Viagra, reports Bloomberg . The problem is that the testosterone boosters from Eli Lilly and Abbott are becoming so popular that doctors worry men who don't need them for strictly medical... More »

FDA OKs Viagra Rival: It Works Twice as Fast

Maker Vivus says Stendra provides erections in 15 minutes

(Newser) - Viagra just got some more competition: The FDA today approved the drug Stendra, which promises to provide an erection in 15 minutes, roughly twice as fast as the minimum wait time for Viagra, reports Bloomberg . Its analysts expect Vivus to pull in nearly $70 million in sales next year. By... More »

Viagra Gum? Drug Makers Get Busy as Generics Near

Makers of erectile dysfunction drugs try to find new niches

(Newser) - Viagra’s chemical patent expires next year, likely opening the playing field to cheaper generic versions of the pill—and in a $5 billion industry, the makers of the erectile dysfunction drug are racing to stay ahead of the competition. Pfizer recently began selling a chewable form of Viagra in... More »

The Next Viagra Could Come From ... Spider Venom

One bite known to cause four-hour erections

(Newser) - One bite from the Brazilian wandering spider can cause loss of muscle control, difficulty breathing, and even death. But, good news! It can also cause four-hour-long erections, and that’s the side effect researchers are excited about. One of the toxins found in the spider’s venom causes priapism, “... More »

Viagra Poppers Have Higher STD Risk

Men on Viagra, Cialis may be more likely to engage in unsafe sex

(Newser) - Viagra and Cialis users are far more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases than men who don't take ED meds, BusinessWeek reports . Using analysis of insurance records for 1.4 million men over 40, researchers found patients on ED drugs were 2.8 times more likely to be treated for... More »

On Sex Tape, McCready Disses Rocket's . . . Readiness

Clemens was good in bed 'when he could get It up'

(Newser) - Mindy McCready’s sex tape will be released Monday, and it sounds rather, um, unusual: In addition to sex, the tape includes interviews. The country singer is—conveniently enough—asked about Roger Clemens' batting average. Was her former lover good in bed? “When he could get it up,”... More »

Roger Clemens' Rocket Lacked Oomph: Ex-Mistress

Pitching great suffered from erectile dysfunction: Mindy McCready

(Newser) - It's probably a good thing Roger Clemens is retired from baseball, because the locker-room ribbing after this would be epic: The Rocket's former mistress says he had "a lot of problems" with erectile dysfunction. Onetime country singer Mindy McCready, who stars in a forthcoming sex tape imaginatively titled Baseball ... More »

Impotence Linked to Doubled Death Risk

Men treated for ED should be screened for heart problems

(Newser) - Men who suffer from heart disease and erectile dysfunction may have twice the risk of both heart attack and death, a new study shows. The findings, published in Circulation, add to a body of research that suggests erectile dysfunction may signal other health problems. The message to patients: "If... More »

Michael Douglas on Married Life: Hello, Viagra

Actor still gets a thrill watching wife Catherine Zeta-Jones

(Newser) - Michael Douglas is officially old: The 65-year-old actor comes clean about the challenges of keeping up with his 40-year-old wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the assist he gets from Viagra and Cialis. He also tells AARP The Magazine about his 31-year-old son, in jail on a drug charge; his upcoming film ... More »

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