Times Square

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Woman in Iconic WWII Times Square Kiss Photograph Dies

Greta Zimmer Friedman was 92

(Newser) - The woman kissed by an ecstatic sailor in Times Square celebrating the end of World War II has died, the AP reports. Greta Zimmer Friedman's son says his mother died Thursday at a Richmond, Virginia, hospital of what he called complications from old age at 92. She will be... More »

Olive Garden's NYE Dinner Will Cost You $400

Only in New York, kids

(Newser) - Dining in NYC can be expensive, and it's a given that on New Year's Eve, Times Square eateries will be profiting even more from the reveling crowds. That includes the Great White Way's local chain restaurants, set to charge their usual exorbitant prices for the night's... More »

Times Square's Elmos, Batmans May Unionize

They seek better treatment amid boost in police activity

(Newser) - Elmo, Batman, and Hello Kitty joining forces? Sounds like the plot of the next Avengers movie, but it's actually an effort by Times Square's costumed characters to improve their working conditions. The people inside the costumes tell the New York Daily News that things have gotten harder since... More »

Nude Candidate Makes His Case at Times Square

Though George Davis is actually running for office in San Francisco

(Newser) - San Francisco Board of Supervisors candidate George Davis stripped buck naked in Times Square today to campaign for the right to be nude in public. Davis spoke out against a 2013 San Francisco public nudity ban introduced by his opponent, Scott Wiener. His basic argument: Nudity is a form of... More »

Double-Decker Buses Crash in NYC; 13 Hurt

Three people seriously injured near Times Square

(Newser) - An accident involving two double-decker tour buses injured 13 people in Times Square this afternoon. Three people were seriously hurt, though none of the injuries were life-threatening. The accident occurred around 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, an area of Times Square generally teeming with tourists near the TKTS discount Broadway... More »

NYPD Busts More Times Square Characters

Captain America, Naked Black Cowboy among those arrested for gouging tourists

(Newser) - You’re supposed to be helping the NYPD, Spider-Man and friends—not giving them grief. Junior Bishop, aka Spidey, was arrested this weekend in Times Square on charges involving drug possession and slugging a cop in the face, but he was soon joined by Captain America, the Naked Black Cowboy,... More »

'Spider-Man' Charged With Slugging NYC Cop

Just another day in Times Square

(Newser) - A guy dressed in a Spider-Man suit didn't exactly live up to the term "hero," say the cops who busted him yesterday after he allegedly decked one of New York's finest. It seems that Junior Bishop, 25, was dressed as the superhero and posing with tourists... More »

NYPD Video Shows Bike Bomber Before 2008 Blast

Cops hope someone recognizes rider in Times Square explosion

(Newser) - Authorities hope newly released video—along with a $65,000 reward—might lead to an arrest in a 5-year-old bombing case from Times Square, reports NBC New York . The stitched-together surveillance footage shows a lone bicyclist riding through New York City in the early morning hours of March 6, 2008,... More »

Fieri Fires Back at NYT Critic

Says Pete Wells' scathing review was "so overboard"

(Newser) - Celeb chef Guy Fieri and restaurant critic Pete Wells are in a veritable food fight over the latter's widely read review of the former's Times Square restaurant. In an interview with NBC's Today Show , Fieri says the review wasn't fair, since the establishment had only been... More »

Prank Celeb Video Makes Man a Celeb

Brett Cohen fools New Yorkers with hired paparazzi

(Newser) - As Brett Cohen says, his life will never be the same—now that he's famous for pretending to be a celebrity. The 21-year-old pranked New Yorkers last month into thinking he was famous, and now that video of it has gone viral, Cohen is appearing on morning shows like... More »

Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Near Times Square

Cell phone cameras capture daytime mayhem

(Newser) - A man brandishing a six-inch knife near Times Square was gunned down in a hail of bullets yesterday, reports the New York Daily News . The unidentified 51-year-old man was approached by police because he appeared to be smoking pot in public, reports the New York Times , and responded by putting... More »

Fans Slam Cee Lo for Changing 'Imagine' Lyrics

Singer altered 'and no religion too' at Times Square bash

(Newser) - Not everyone is thrilled with Cee Lo Green's lyric change on New Year's Eve, MSNBC reports. When singing John Lennon's "Imagine" at New York's Times Square celebration, he changed "Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too" to "Nothing to kill... More »

Dead Megachurch Pastor Found With Suspected Drugs

Police awaiting test results on white powder

(Newser) - The Florida megachurch pastor discovered dead in a Times Square hotel room was found with a white powdery substance believed to be narcotics, police sources have told several newspapers. Zachery Tims, founder of Orlando's 8,000-member New Destiny Christian Center, was discovered by hotel workmen lying on his back... More »

Megachurch Pastor Found Dead in Times Square Hotel

Police awaiting Zachery Tims' autopsy results

(Newser) - The founder of an 8,000-member church in central Florida was found dead in a W Hotel room in New York's Times Square this weekend, reports the New York Daily News . The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy. Criminality is not suspected, said police. Zachery Tims,... More »

New York Goes Wild

Mayor Bloomberg hails 'critical victory'

(Newser) - Throngs converged on Ground Zero and Times Square today to cry, sing, and cheer the news of Osama bin Laden's death, flashed on a digital ticker tape at 42nd Street. Mayor Michael Bloomberg hailed the killing of the terror mastermind as a " critically important victory " for America,... More »

Bill Clinton Fondly Recalls Old Times Square, Hookers

Ex-prez remembers excitement, Mayor Bloomberg perplexed

(Newser) - New York City's Times Square is a lot safer than it used be, Bill Clinton says, but he's still a little nostalgic for the pre-Rudy Giuliani seediness. "I still have vivid memories of it. Romantic, fascinating," Clinton said, recalling a time when he was a wide-eyed... More »

Naked Cowboy to Run for President

Robert Burck plans to run on Tea Party platform

(Newser) - Times Square's Naked Cowboy, Robert Burck, announced today that he plans to run for the US presidency. His platform includes closing borders, requiring drug tests for welfare recipients, abolishing unions for government workers, cutting capital gains and income taxes and reversing Obamacare health legislation. No word on whether the Naked... More »

Times Square Bomber Planned a Second Attack

Feds try to get failed terrorist sentenced to life in prison

(Newser) - Prosecutors are throwing the kitchen sink at Faisal Shahzad, in an effort to get the would-be Times Square bomber put away for life. In a legal brief released today, feds allege that Shahzad had planned to launch a second attack after hitting Times Square. The failed terrorist also told authorities... More »

Bloomberg: No Smoking in Central Park

Mayor wants to take ban outdoors to cover parks, walkways

(Newser) - Mayor Bloomberg wants smokers to stay out of Central Park and parts of Times Square. The anti-tobacco mayor has proposed widening the city's smoking ban to cover parks, beaches, pedestrian plazas, and boardwalks, reports the New York Post . Scofflaws, tourist or not, would face a $50 fine under his plan,... More »

Bedbugs Invade NYC Cinemas

Times Square theater temporarily shuttered

(Newser) - Popcorn isn't the only thing getting eaten at cinemas in New York City. The AMC Empire 25 in Times Square was temporarily shuttered Tuesday night while a team of exterminators tried to rid the place of blood-sucking bedbugs —two weeks after it had initially been treated for the pests.... More »

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