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Why Thieves Are Going After Grease

'It’s almost like a pawn shop or scrap-metal business'

(Newser) - Do you want grease with that? Apparently thieves do, as the leftover gunk that restaurants use to fry your food and then accumulate in their kitchens has become a serious commodity. As US refiners are processing record amounts of grease to meet government mandates for renewable fuels—3.84 million... More »

Restaurants' Used Grease Draws Thieves

Once scorned, it's 'become gold'; can be turned into biodiesel

(Newser) - For decades restaurants have thrown away their used cooking grease without a second thought; now, they’re trying to protect it from thieves. Almost anyone can convert the yellow grease into cheap biodiesel using kits sold on the internet, and restaurant oil bins have become go-to destinations for everyone from... More »

As Global Temps Rise, So Do ... Popcorn Prices

As farmers plant more crops for biofuels, moviegoers feel pinch

(Newser) - The movie stars driving flex-fuel SUV are driving up popcorn prices at the nation’s nickelodeons, and it’s not because of their salaries: A move toward planting crops for alternative-fuel production has made popping corn more scarce—and therefore more expensive, the Los Angeles Times reports. Moviegoers shouldn’t... More »

Food Police Extend Reach to Canada

Calgary becomes nation's first city to regulate trans fats

(Newser) - America’s war on trans fats has spread to Canada, where tomorrow Calgary will become the first city to regulate their use. Restaurants will be banned from cooking with ingredients or serving foods containing more than 2% trans fat in total fat content. Some restaurants currently offer food with trans... More »

4 Stories