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Harvard Gets Its Biggest Donation Ever: $350M

Money goes to School of Public Health

(Newser) - An alum is handing Harvard its biggest donation ever. The university's School of Public Health will receive $350 million from Gerald Chan, 63, the head of a property developer in Hong Kong. He chose the School of Public Health for his donation after he was inspired by a teacher... More »

Surgery Checklist Saves Lives ... and Maybe $25B

Strategy employed by flight crews means 33% fewer complications for hospitals

(Newser) - It sounds like a no-brainer, but surgical teams who use a simple checklist similar to those employed by flight crews reduced deaths and complications by a stunning 33%, according to an international study. If every US hospital used the checklist, health care costs for treating avoidable complications could be cut... More »

DNA Test to Predict Cancer Risk

$300 test: a blessing or a curse?

(Newser) - A DNA test that can help predict a man's risk of developing prostate cancer is expected to be available later this year for as little as $300. It's the first glimpse of what's likely to be a revolution in medical testing to provide patients a window into their possible future.... More »

Fight Disease, Not Just AIDS

Public health expert urges perspective in global efforts

(Newser) - Global action to fight HIV/AIDS is imperative, but wealthy countries should reconsider committing most of their assistance to just one disease, Harvard expert Daniel Halperin writes in today's New York Times. Cheaply preventable illnesses like diarrhea claim many more lives in the poorest African countries than HIV yet receive scant... More »

4 Stories