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4 Kidnapped Journalists Freed in Syria After 10 Months

French citizens were discovered bound and blindfolded

(Newser) - They were found blindfolded and with their hands bound, but four French journalists are free today 10 months after being kidnapped in Syria, reports Reuters . All are in "good health, in spite of the very grueling conditions of their captivity," said French President Francois Hollande in a statement.... More »

Nigeria: Abducted Girls Could Become Sex Slaves

14 have escaped after suspected Boko Haram attack

(Newser) - After the mass kidnapping this week of 129 teen girls from a Nigerian school, 14 have reportedly escaped—and the rest may still be held captive. Some 52 were still said by their parents to be missing yesterday, the New York Times reports, but the school's principal put it... More »

Cops: Jailed Inmate Ordered Prosecutor's Dad Kidnapped

Had phone in prison; victim was rescued

(Newser) - An inmate in North Carolina is accused of getting revenge on the prosecutor who put him away for life by orchestrating the kidnapping of her father from behind bars, reports the News & Observer . Authorities say Kevin Melton had a cell phone in prison and exchanged more than 100 calls... More »

Cops Stop Bicyclist With Girl Taken From Home

Suspect tells police he went into wrong home

(Newser) - A 4-year-old Phoenix girl is safe after a bizarre incident involving a suspected kidnapper, reports MyFoxPhoenix . A police officer on his way to a burglary call about 3am stopped a bicyclist who was riding with the pajamas-clad girl in his lap. Daniel Luna, 37, first said he came across the... More »

Ukrainian Women: Russians Beat and Jailed Us

Three activists say they were kidnapped in Crimea

(Newser) - Three female Ukrainian activists drove into Crimea just before its referendum and ended up kidnapped, beaten, and tossed in the same jail, they tell the Daily Beast . They were driving into Crimea—one on her own, and two together—to spread their views when Cossacks, Russian militia, and Ukrainian "... More »

Mexico: Cartel Kidnapped Kids, Stole Their Organs

Nephew of major leader of powerful Knights Templar cartel arrested

(Newser) - Police in Mexico say they've uncovered a grisly scheme to kidnap children and sell their organs. Authorities in the Western state of Michoacan revealed yesterday that they'd arrested Manuel Plancarte Gaspar, the nephew of one of the top leaders of the Knights Templar cartel, for his alleged involvement.... More »

Arrest in Case of Student Seen Dragged Into Woods

Stranger charged with Holly Bobo's murder

(Newser) - Nearly three years after a man in camouflage was seen dragging nursing student Holly Bobo into the woods near her home, police have made an arrest. Zachary Adams, a 29-year-old man who lives around 15 miles from Bobo's West Tennessee home, has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and first-degree... More »

DC Councilwoman: Taxi Kinda Kidnapped My Daughter

Bizarre tale as council reviews taxis that violate rule requiring card swiper

(Newser) - It's always annoying when a cab won't take your credit card, and it's even more annoying when that leads to them locking you in the cab and driving off. That's what allegedly happened to the daughter of DC council member Mary Cheh, the lawmaker said during... More »

Witnesses Raced to Save Mo. Girl From Kidnapper

Middle school coach charged with Hailey Owens' murder

(Newser) - Springfield, Mo., has been shaken by the murder of a young girl who was kidnapped in broad daylight while walking just a block from her home. A couple who were in their garage at the time say a man in a pickup truck pulled up next to 10-year-old Hailey Owens... More »

Cops: Aunt Stole Baby After Faking Pregnancy

Kristen Smith charged in Wisconsin case

(Newser) - The details about the kidnapping and safe recovery of a Wisconsin infant are firming up, with the baby's 31-year-old aunt in custody. Incredibly, it now appears that 5-day-old Kayden Powell was left outside for more than 24 hours in frigid temperatures, swaddled in blankets inside a plastic storage container.... More »

Alert Target Employee Foils Kidnapping

Meanwhile, Walmart fires a worker who tried to stop beer theft

(Newser) - Two crazy tales from annals of US retail:
  • Hero at Target: Police in California's Bay Area say Target employee Roxanna Ramirez saved a kidnapped girl by being alert. Ramirez explains to ABC 7 that she grew suspicious of a fidgety man in her Pittsburg store—her job is to
... More »

Ill-Advised Plan: Kidnap Girlfriend, Try to Marry Her

This alleged scheme involved a 1K-mile drive to Las Vegas, too

(Newser) - A Washington man apparently looking for a lifetime of wedded bliss could end up with five years in prison instead. Thomas Martin Pfeiffer, 22, was arrested early Friday and hit with a slew of charges, chief among them kidnapping. Police say he allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend on Thursday night and,... More »

US, Britain Yank Aid to Syrian Rebels

Meanwhile, Islamists kidnap human rights lawyer, two journalists

(Newser) - The US and Britain have cut off aid to Syria's opposition, after Islamist rebel groups seized bases loaded with Western-provided goods from their former Free Syrian Army colleagues. The move won't affect humanitarian aid, a US embassy spokesman tells the BBC , but rather the "non-lethal" military assistance... More »

Father, Son Kidnap Ex-Wife for Exorcism: Cops

They somehow got 2 priests to participate, police say

(Newser) - A California father and son were arrested yesterday after police say they kidnapped the father's ex-wife. But they also have another act to answer for: Police say 42-year-old Jose Farias and his 20-year-old son, Victor, kidnapped Farias' ex-wife and then forced her to undergo an exorcism. They allegedly picked... More »

2 Americans Kidnapped by Pirates Are Freed

They were taken from ship off the coast of Nigeria

(Newser) - Two American sailors kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Nigeria last month have been freed, reports CNN . Their names have not been made public, but the State Department confirms the pair's release. The men were taken off their US-flagged ship about three weeks ago and identified only as... More »

Cops: 4 Torture, Chop Penis Off Pot Dispensary Owner

They mistakenly thought he was burying money in desert, say prosecutors

(Newser) - It's gruesome: Four people are accused of torturing a California marijuana dispensary owner with a blowtorch and cutting off his penis in an attempt to force him to reveal where he had buried piles of cash in the desert. The defendants mistakenly believed the victim was hiding money and... More »

Castro Victim: I Was Hung Up Like 'Ornament on the Wall'

First look at Michelle Knight's Dr. Phil appearance

(Newser) - A clip of Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight's appearance on the Dr. Phil show has been released, with Knight revealing Ariel Castro tied her up by her hands, feet, and neck using an orange extension cord, and hung her on the wall. “I was tied up like a... More »

Tracks in Sand Led to Journos' Suspected Killer

Detainees thought to include 'at least one of 4 killers'

(Newser) - A Malian intelligence official says about a half-dozen people have been detained by French forces east of the north Mali city of Kidal in connection with the kidnapping and killing of two French journalists . The official says the journalists' bodies were found next to the attackers' abandoned car. He says... More »

2 French Journalists Kidnapped, Killed in Mali

Radio reporters taken following interview

(Newser) - Two French radio journalists were kidnapped by gunmen in northern Mali today and killed hours later, the French Foreign Ministry says. It says the bodies of Claude Verlon and Ghislaine Dupont have been found. Earlier, radio station RFI confirmed the kidnappings on its website, saying that the two were taken... More »

Police Bust 'Child Retrieval' Commando Squad

One former Olympic sailing champion among those arrested

(Newser) - Most child-smuggling operations don't advertise their services online. But Italian police have busted a group that appears to have done just that. Police say they've taken down a group of ex-special forces operatives who charged "tens of thousands of euros" to kidnap children involved in cross-border custody... More »

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