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Netflix Scores Landmark Disney Movie Deal

Streaming service beats pay TV to rights to show new releases

(Newser) - In a deal Netflix calls a "bold leap forward for Internet television," the company has scored the rights to show new releases from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm starting in 2016, when Disney's deal with Starz Movies expires. Older Disney films will be available on Netflix immediately... More »

Little Static in Digital TV Switch

(Newser) - The digital TV switch took place Friday, and you’d be forgiven for missing it. The FCC is patting itself on the back, USA Today reports, because the long-planned, long-delayed switch went off without any major hiccups. By Saturday, the FCC had fielded 315,000 calls from consumers, but that... More »

Some Stations Go Digital Next Week

Hundreds of stations switch despite delay

(Newser) - Nearly 700 local TV stations across America plan to switch from analog to digital signals next week despite a new law delaying the transition deadline until June, CNET reports. Congress is worried that 20 million consumers, mostly poor, elderly, or living in rural areas, still don't have the conversion equipment... More »

Congress Delays Digital TV Switch Until June 12

(Newser) - Congress has decided to give people four more months to prepare for the upcoming transition from analog to digital TV. The House voted today to postpone the end of analog TV signals until June 12. The Senate passed a similar measure last week, so it now goes to President Obama,... More »

7% Not Ready for Digital TV Switch

With switch due Feb. 17, estimated 7% aren't prepared; feds' coupon program shaky

(Newser) - With US television’s transition from analog to digital broadcasting less than two months away, officials are worried that consumers still don’t have the signal-converter box, the Wall Street Journal reports. An estimated 7% aren’t prepared, and Congress, which authorized $1.34 billion for coupons to help consumers... More »

Digital Switch May KO Ratings

9.4% of US households are 'completely unready' for death of analog TV

(Newser) - Almost 25 million US homes own at least one set that will go dark when broadcast TV switches to digital next year—which could wreak havoc on ratings, the New York Times reports. Roughly 17% of network prime-time viewers are using unprepared TVs, according to Nielsen. Secondary TVs, like those... More »

HD Radio Poised for Turnaround

New features, falling prices could lead consumers to tune in to digital revolution

(Newser) - The broadcast industry hopes 2008 is the year listeners finally tune into HD Radio—and conditions are right for a turnaround, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ford and other automakers are on board, and receiver prices have dropped. It's the nifty new features, though—you can, for example, "tag"... More »

Feds Ease TV Switch With Coupons

Money will help those who still use antennas upgrade to digital before '09

(Newser) - For the estimated 14.3 million households still getting their TV via antenna, there’s hope: The federal government yesterday began handing out $40 coupons to help buy converters ahead of the 2009 digital cutoff, the AP reports. The problem, Congress says, is that few know about the $1.5... More »

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