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Was Obama's Dad Murdered?

Family members question 'car accident' story

(Newser) - The official story is that President Obama’s father died after crashing his car into a tree—but Obama’s family in Kenya fears foul play had a hand in his death, according to a book Peter Firstbrook is working on about the Obamas. Though Barack Sr.’s car... More »

Kenya Agrees to Create PM Post

Power-sharing deal would prevent new round of violence

(Newser) - Kenya’s government agreed today to create a prime minister position for opposition leader  Raila Odinga—the narrow loser in a disputed election for president in December—in an effort to prevent a new round of violence from tearing the African nation apart. The details are still being hashed out,... More »

Ethnic Gangs Rile Kenyan Slums

Gang with reputed vampire tendencies at center of ugly violence

(Newser) - The ethnic violence that has ripped through Kenya since December's disputed election is particularly gruesome between gangs in the slums of Nairobi, Newsweek reports. On one side is the self-proclaimed “Taliban,” a group dedicated to protecting their Luo tribe, and imposing order and justice much like their Afghan... More »

Kenya Unrest Not Rwanda-Scale

Ethnic violence is serious, but not organized genocide of 1994

(Newser) - Post-election violence in Kenya has taken on a nasty ethnic edge, as tribes across the country, particularly the Luo of opposition leader Raila Odinga, take their political frustrations out on sort-of President Mwai Kibaki’s powerful Kikuyu. But this isn’t quite Rwanda, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The 1994... More »

Kenya Spirals Toward Ethnic War

Contested election result turns into tribal violence

(Newser) - The tribal violence gripping Kenya could reach a bloody climax tomorrow, Time reports, when an opposition leader has urged supporters to converge on a park in Nairobi to protest the results of last month's general election. Raila Odinga blames a rigged vote-count for re-electing President Mwai Kibaki, igniting disarray that... More »

5 Stories