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A North American First: Drone Slams Into Passenger Plane

Luckily there were no injuries in incident over Quebec City airport

(Newser) - In what the Washington Post says is a North American first, a drone slammed into a commercial airplane Thursday in the skies over Quebec City. "This should not have happened. That drone should not have been there," Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said, per the CBC . The incident... More »

NASA to Chase Asteroid That Has Slight Chance of Hitting Earth

But even if Bennu does strike in 170 years, it won't be end times

(Newser) - There's an asteroid out there that might slam into Earth in about 170 years, but contrary to some recent scary-sounding headlines, it won't wipe out Earthlings if it does, reports . "We're not talking about an asteroid that could destroy the Earth," says Dante... More »

Duck Rider Heard Driver Say 'Oh, No!'

Police investigating possible mechanical failure on Ducks vehicle

(Newser) - Four people killed when a Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle collided with a bus in Seattle yesterday have been identified as international students at North Seattle College. Authorities say they were among 48 staff and students from six countries who were touring the city on a chartered bus before classes... More »

4 Dead After Duck Vehicle Hits Bus

12 others in critical condition

(Newser) - Four people are dead in Seattle after a Ride the Ducks tour vehicle and a charter bus collided today. Twelve people are in critical condition, and 20 others have minor injuries, the Seattle Times reports. The Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle collided with the bus, which was carrying 45 students... More »

Golden Gate Bridge Taking First-Ever Weekend Off

Bridge will be shut down as traffic median is installed

(Newser) - San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge has apparently banked plenty of PTO hours over the last 77 years—and this weekend it's using 52 of them. Starting at midnight tonight and continuing through 4am Monday, the bridge will be closed to cars so that a movable median barrier can... More »

Trains Collide Head-On in Switzerland

44 injured, 4 seriously

(Newser) - It has been a bad month to be a train commuter: Canada , France , Spain , and now ... Switzerland, where two commuter trains collided head-on today, injuring 44, four seriously, reports CNN . Local TV says one person is yet to be recovered from the wreckage, the AP reports. The crash happened between... More »

Kids Dead After Mom Tries to Skirt Train Crossing

Girls, 5 and 4, killed in collision with train

(Newser) - Tara Lewman drove up to a railroad crossing in Batavia, Iowa, on Monday afternoon, and stopped because the gates were down. To the east was a freight train parked on the tracks, and after an unknown length of time, she made the tragic decision to drive around the gates—and... More »

Scientists Spar Over Asteroid Apocalypse in 2036

1-in-250,000 chance that Apophis will hit Earth

(Newser) - If that whole end-of-the-world thing doesn't work out next year, maybe the jig is up in 2036: Scientists are now saying that's the year an asteroid previously thought harmless (after having been deemed catastrophic before that) might just plow into the Earth. A few Russian scientists are warning that Apophis,... More »

'Complacency' Faulted in US Nuke Sub Crash

'Weak' command, lax standards prevailed aboard USS Hartford

(Newser) - US Navy investigators are pinning blame for the March collision between a nuclear-powered submarine and another Navy ship on lax atmosphere and “weak” command aboard the USS Hartford, where sailors slept while they were supposed to be on watch, and the radio room was rigged up with music speakers.... More »

Abbey Road Crosswalk May Hit the Road

(Newser) - The Abbey Road crosswalk made famous by the Beatles' album cover may be eliminated because hordes of fans are making it unsafe, say legislators. Accidents at the London intersection have climbed as an increasing number of fans pose on the striped crosswalk for photos, reports the Telegraph. “Maybe it... More »

System, Driver Error Suspected in DC Train Crash

(Newser) - Experts suspect yesterday’s deadly subway collision in Washington was the result of both a system failure and human error, the Washington Post reports. The city’s trains are run by onboard computers, which should, theoretically, prevent trains from colliding. The system has failed once before, in 2005, but the... More »

Six Dead, 70 Injured in DC Subway Crash

(Newser) - At least six are dead and 70 others injured after two subway trains collided during rush hour this evening in Washington DC, the AP reports. The incident is “developing into a mass casualty event,” a Metro spokesman told WJLA-TV. “We’re expecting a number of injuries.”... More »

Satellite Debris Rains Down on Southwest: FAA

(Newser) - Fireballs streaking across Kentucky, Texas, and New Mexico are likely debris from two satellites that collided last week, reports. Since Friday, residents have been calling police and weather offices reporting loud blasts that FAA officials are attributing to debris entering the atmosphere. The FAA also warned airplane pilots... More »

When Bird Meets Plane, Air Force Takes Action

It studies spatters to avoid collisions

(Newser) - When a bird smacks into a military plane, it is not a pretty picture, neither for bird nor plane. It is, however, a serious, if messy, problem, and one that jeopardizes the safety of pilots and some very expensive Air Force hardware. The Wall Street Journal visits a base in... More »

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