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A New Development in Ex-Spy Poisoning: 3 Dead Pets

Cat, 2 guinea pigs found on Sergei Skripal's property, though Skripal himself is improving

(Newser) - First good news on Yulia Skripal ; now an optimistic outlook for her dad. Doctors at the UK hospital where Sergei Skripal has been convalescing since his March 4 poisoning report the 66-year-old ex-Russian spy is "responding well to treatment, improving rapidly, and is no longer in a critical condition,... More »

More Americans Eating ... Guinea Pigs

They've long been popular food in some South American countries

(Newser) - New Mexico is thinking about processing horse meat . Montanans have roadkill . And now the latest in offbeat meat appears to be ... guinea pigs. NPR reports on an American trend fueled by South American expats and the US restaurants that serve such cuisine, and bolstered by foodies' penchant for trying—and... More »

Cops on Marijuana Raid Find Only Guinea Pigs

'Hot spot' was caused by pets' heater, not grow lights

(Newser) - UK cops thought they'd found the marijuana mother lode—infrared scanners on a helicopter indicated a large, concentrated use of electricity in a house located in the West Yorkshire town of Odsal. The heat signature screamed pot nursery, but when police arrived, they found the last thing they expected: guinea... More »

Verizon Sues Alltel Over Guinea Pig Ad

Wireless giant says claims made in commercial are untrue

(Newser) - Verizon Wireless is suing rival Alltel for false advertising over a television commercial featuring a vicious guinea pig, the Register reports. In the ad, a caged rodent named Alice is compared to Verizon customers who lack the freedom to change calling plans without extending their contracts. Released from her cage,... More »

4 Stories