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Human Age Can Be Revealed Through Sinus X-Rays

Could help forensic scientists working with 'incomplete remains'

(Newser) - When scientists are working with only partial remains, it can be very difficult to determine age. Now forensic anthropologists say they've found a way to help approximate age in children: noninvasive X-rays of the skull's frontal sinus region. Reporting in the journal Anatomical Record , they say that's... More »

The Amazon River Just Aged Millions of Years

Scientists say waterway is closer to 9M years old, not the mere 1M they thought

(Newser) - Looks like the Amazon River may be able to cash in on some senior discounts after all. A new study carried out by scientists from the University of Amsterdam and Brazil's University of Brasilia, published in the Global and Planetary Change journal, upends previous speculation of how old the... More »

Challenger Says John McCain Is Likely to Die in Office

Kelli Ward calls the senator 'old' and 'weak'

(Newser) - In a morbid and unusually direct line of attack, John McCain's Republican primary opponent in Arizona says the senator probably won't live to see the end of his six-year term if reelected. “I’m a doctor. The life expectancy of the American male is not 86. It’... More »

Good News for Moms Who Wait to Have Kids

Study: Children of older moms are healthier, taller

(Newser) - Women who wait until 35 or later to have kids face a higher risk of problems, everything from miscarriage to diabetes to chromosomal problems with the newborn. But as Medical Today notes, that hasn't kept the average age of first pregnancies from creeping steadily up. Now, however, Swedish researchers... More »

Nepal Wants to Keep Old, Young, Disabled Off Everest

And ensure qualified mountaineers are able to climb such tall peaks

(Newser) - Mount Everest finally reopened last month after the deadly April earthquake , but Nepal wants to limit who is allowed to climb the peak. Officials there say they want a ban that would keep the very young, elderly, disabled, and inexperienced off the world's tallest mountain for safety and to... More »

How Old Is Your Heart? Odds Are It's Older Than You

Half of Americans have hearts that are at least 5 years older than their age

(Newser) - With one-third of Americans obese, the US now ranks 30th in the world for life expectancy, the New York Times noted earlier this year. So it may not come as a surprise that roughly half of Americans have hearts that are at least five years older than their actual age.... More »

Young Dads More Likely to Die Younger

A large study in Finland finds it's riskiest for men to have kids by age 22

(Newser) - The younger men are when they become fathers, the more likely they are to die by their 40s or 50s, according to a large new study out of Finland. Researchers say they've seen this link before, but wanted to test it using brothers who share similar DNA to better... More »

Autism Study 'Like No Other' Looks at 5.7M Kids

Older parents, those with age gap at higher risk, say researchers

(Newser) - A massive new autism study adds to the evidence that parents' age plays a role in their children's risk of autism—including the suggestion that a couple with a big age gap has a higher risk. "Though we've seen research on autism and parental age before, this... More »

Microsoft's Robot Overlord Can Guess How Old You Are

Run your photos through the addictive 'How Old Do I Look?' site if you dare

(Newser) - Because Microsoft doesn't want us to get any work done, the company has launched a new website that uses facial recognition technology to scan a photo and guess a person's age and gender, Mashable reports. makes use of Microsoft's new Face API, which debuted at... More »

Scientists Peak in Their Late 30s

Education may explain phenomenon

(Newser) - Good news for struggling scientists in their mid-30s: Your big breakthrough is probably still to come. So says a new study from the National Bureau of Economics Research, which finds that great scientists and inventors see their biggest moments of genius in their late 30s, the Atlantic reports. Education may... More »

Why We Might Regret Delaying Parenthood

Feminist victory brings physical, financial hardship: Allison Benedikt

(Newser) - Having kids later may mark a feminist success, and it certainly gives young couples more freedom. But it carries a heavy price, writes Allison Benedikt for Slate . A New Republic cover story on aging parents has Benedikt reflecting on her own situation: She and her husband are 35 and almost... More »

Want to Be 100? Sleep and Eat Right

Spirituality and socializing also help

(Newser) - What can you do to live for more than a century? Researchers from UnitedHealthCare surveyed a group of centenarians and collected advice on achieving longevity. Here are their tips, courtesy of SmartMoney : More »

George McGovern Hospitalized

He's having tests to find fainting cause: daughter

(Newser) - George McGovern has been hospitalized in Florida for tests, his daughter said yesterday. The former South Dakota senator and one-time presidential candidate was admitted to a St. Augustine hospital so doctors can determine why he occasionally passes out and loses his ability to speak, reports the Sioux Falls Argus Leader... More »

Michigan Mayor Gets to Keep His Age a Secret

Judge agrees it is not required by law

(Newser) - In an unexpected win for the notion of it's-none-of-your-business, the mayor of Michigan's third-largest city doesn't have to reveal his age to run for re-election. The state appeals court entered the strange dispute yesterday by overturning a judge's ruling that had required Jim Fouts to disclose... More »

Men Feel Old at 58; Women at Just 29

Perhaps because there's more pressure on women to be attractive

(Newser) - Women start to feel old at just 29, while men can make it all the way to age 58 without feeling over the hill, according to a new study by—what else?—a funeral plan provider. The vast difference can be attributed to the fact that society values the attractiveness... More »

Women Are Most Beautiful at 31: Study

Sorry, 32-year-olds

(Newser) - If Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen have you depressed and bemoaning your lost youth and beauty, chin up: You’re actually at your best at age 31. Women at 31 are the most attractive, according to a new QVC study, in part because they’re more confident and have better... More »

Oldsters Behind Counter Boost McDonald's Sales

(Newser) - Having workers in their golden years is key to the Golden Arches' success, according to a British study. Researchers found that customer satisfaction levels were 20% higher in outlets where people over 60 were employed. The boost comes from the older workers' better people skills, strong work ethic, and influence... More »

'Cougar' Trend a Myth

Turns out most men still want younger women

(Newser) - The idea that a legion of young Ashtons are out there prowling for older women is—sorry, ladies—a myth, writes Meredith Goldstein in the Boston Globe. The dating industry is awash with tales of “cougar” events canceled due to low interest among younger men, and industry experts confirm... More »

Old Dad, Poor Brain

Children born to older dads fare worse on memory, learning tests, study finds

(Newser) - Children born to older dads tend to do worse on memory, learning and concentration tests than babies of older moms, researchers have found, reports the BBC. Scientists speculate that the poorer performance may be linked to damaging sperm mutations over time that affect babies who are conceived later in life.... More »

71-Year-Old New Mom Wants to Go for No. 2

After decades of trying for child, couple heard about IVF

(Newser) - At 70, after 4 decades of trying, Indian Rajo Devi Lohan had her first child last year, making her the world’s oldest known mother. Now, she tells the Guardian she’s “strong”—and wants a brother for daughter Naveen. But she and her husband sold 2 buffaloes... More »

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