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Flocke Dives Into the Spotlight

Second celebrity bear cub makes her public debut

(Newser) - The younger and cuter of Germany's celebrity polar bear cubs greeted her adoring public today at the Nuremberg Zoo, Der Spiegel reports. Flocke ("Snowflake") mostly ignored the hundreds of eager reporters waiting to beam her antics across the world, choosing instead to explore her outdoor enclosure and splash... More »

Zoo Braces for Snowflake Mania

City updates transport, stores stock up in wake of bear fever

(Newser) - Polar celebrity Snowflake will meet her adoring public as early as late March, and Nuremberg zoo staff predict a blizzard of attention surrounding its most popular bundle of fur. Annual visitors are expected to jump from 250,000 to 1.3 million, reports Der Spiegel, which has the city readying... More »

'Snowflake' Lands in Nuremberg

Polar bear cub's nickname sticks

(Newser) - After fielding tens of thousands of suggestions from around the world, the Nuremburg zoo has named its new polar bear cub Flocke, German for "snowflake," Der Spiegel reports. The adorable 6-week-old will keep her nickname, says the city's mayor, in part because many of the monikers proposed by... More »

New Cub Could Out-Cute Knut

Nuremberg's tiny 'Snowflake' draws legions of fans, setting up rivalry

(Newser) - There’s a new polar bear in Germany, and Knut had better watch his back, reports Der Spiegel, because the Nuremberg zoo’s 2.4-kilo baby bruin is drawing international attention for being so gosh darn cute. Fans have sent 15,000 name suggestions since Friday, but for now she’... More »

New Cub a Web Sensation

German fans send thousand of emails suggesting names for furry celeb

(Newser) - The Nuremberg zoo's cuddly new polar bear cub still doesn't have a name, but it does have a website—and a fast-growing legion of smitten fans. "We're getting 15 emails with name suggestions every minute," said a city spokesman. For the time being, zookeepers have dubbed the cub... More »

Zoo Will Raise Polar Bear Cub After All

Officials reverse 'hands-off' policy when mother bear acts up

(Newser) - The Nuremberg Zoo has reversed its wildly unpopular policy against hand-rearing polar bear cubs, reports Der Speigel. The zoo took the remaining cub away from its mother yesterday after she appeared nervous and started walking around her enclosure with the tiny animal in her mouth. Two other cubs died and... More »

Zoo: Polar Bear Cubs Gone, Eaten by Mom

German zoo under fire after vowing not to interfere to save cubs

(Newser) - Two polar bear cubs that captured Germany's attention have died, and the zoo thinks their mother ate them, Der Spiegel reports. The Nuremberg Zoo's decision not to interfere with the cubs' survival, despite reports that the mother might have been neglecting them, caused a storm of criticism, which is now... More »

Zoo Will Let Polar Cubs Die, Rather Than Raise by Hand

Nuremburg doesn't want 'Knutomania'

(Newser) - Officials at a Nuremburg zoo have vowed not to rescue the cubs of two polar bears who gave birth about a month ago, even though one is showing signs of disinterest in her offspring, leaving them to cry plaintively for long periods of time. Zoo officials say they don't want... More »

8 Stories