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Romney Blasts 'Numbskull' Advisers for Palin Slams

GOP frontrunner defends rival on Twitter

(Newser) - Time quoted anonymous advisers to Mitt Romney dissing Sarah Palin in this article yesterday, and today Romney himself came to her defense. On Twitter , no less: "TIME says unnamed advisors disparaged @SarahPalinUSA. Anonymous numbskulls. She's proven her smarts; they've disproven theirs." More »

GOP Hopefuls No Challenge to Obama

Current Republican field riddled with weak spots

(Newser) - Republicans talk a good game about challenging President Obama in 2012, but the GOP would look scarier if it had even one legitimate challenger , says Dick Polman. "Obama's job-approval numbers are tepid these days—but he looks robust when matched against actual Republican challengers," warns the Philadelphia Inquirer... More »

'Snub Machine' Imperils Palin's National Hopes

Dis-organization costs former frontrunner GOP's respect: Parker

(Newser) - The Republican base still goes wild for Sarah Palin, but within the GOP, "the air is a little nippy," writes Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post. The back-and-forth over this week's DC fundraiser was only the latest example of bad organization and dysfunctional behavior within the Alaska governor's... More »

Will the Right Ever Back Mac?

He again looks like the GOP's best bet, but critics may not be able to tolerate him

(Newser) - GOP conservatives have long been suspicious of John McCain—angered that the maverick won’t hold the party line—but now they're forced to decide if they can stomach the man who seems the best bet for holding the White House. The same party activists who crippled his candidacy last... More »

Romney Talks the Talk, But Where Are the Votes?

Weekly Standard can't figure it out

(Newser) - On taxes, social issues, and foreign policy, Mitt Romney is “perfectly attuned to mainstream Republicans.” But the supporters just aren’t coming, and the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes can’t figure out why. Romney appeals to the same voters who elected the president and his father; but... More »

5 Stories