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Homeowner Forecloses on Bank Office

Philly man wins levy after bank fails to answer questions as required by law

(Newser) - A Philadelphia homeowner is giving his local branch of Wells Fargo a taste of its own medicine. Concert promoter David Rodgers, embroiled in a dispute with the bank over required homeowner insurance, sued Wells under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act when the bank refused to answer his questions as... More »

Denied Rate Hike, State Farm to Axe Fla. Home Insurance

Company holds 1.2M policies in state hit hard, and often, by nature

(Newser) - Citing a “weakened financial position,” State Farm’s Florida operation is planning to completely exit the home insurance business there within 2 years, the Miami Herald reports. Such a move would need regulatory approval, and require a 180-day heads-up to affected homeowners. The move comes after the insurer,... More »

Insurer Rejects Church Over Gay Support

Fear of retaliation leads to denial of application for property coverage

(Newser) - A Michigan church has been denied property insurance not because it sits on the wrong side of the tracks, but because its national governing body sanctions gay marriage and the ordination of homosexuals, reports the Wall Street Journal. Denials are normally reserved for high-risk applicants, and Brotherhood Mutual was concerned... More »

3 Stories