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Bill Clinton Credits Obama for Speech Help

He may have slipped up a bit in Florida, though

(Newser) - Bill Clinton's speech last week may have been the high point for the Democratic National Convention, but the ex-president is happy to share the credit with the current one, reports Politico . Clinton said he showed his speech to Obama the morning of his presentation, and made changes regarding Medicare... More »

Palin: Obama's an 'Opium Addict'

Speech at real estate convention does not fly

(Newser) - If only what happens in Vegas really did stay in Vegas: Sarah Palin brought her act to a retail Realtors' convention this weekend, but instead of giving a leadership speech, she delivered her stump speech, slammed Obama as an "opium addict" (Other People's Money, get it?), and stuck in... More »

Obama on Health Care: 'If This Vote Fails...'

President delivers closing argument to enthusiastic crowd

(Newser) - President Obama described the stakes of this weekend's health care vote in stark terms today, using words uttered so rarely out of the White House that they seem all but banned: "If this vote fails." What then? "The insurance industry will continue to run amok," the... More »

GOP Gov Candidates Shun Palin as Polarizing

She's too much herself to do anything but harm in NJ, Virginia

(Newser) - Tough-fought GOP gubernatorial campaigns in New Jersey and Virginia have politely declined Sarah Palin’s offer of help. The political calculus is simple in New Jersey, where President Obama won by 15 points last November. The campaign is “not about the 2012 presidential race,” a Chris Christie adviser... More »

Palin Plans Return to National Stage

Ex-Guv will campaign for any 'nonpartisans' who share her views

(Newser) - Sarah Palin plans to spend her post-gubernatorial free time traveling the nation, stumping for "nonpartisan" politicians. She'll support those "who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation," she tells the Washington Times in an exclusive interview. But Palin's plans will only work... More »

Hasselbeck to Stump for Palin

(Newser) - Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been invited to bring her spunky conservatism to the stump with Sarah Palin, the New York Daily News reports. Hasselbeck will take off for Florida this weekend to join the GOP veep pick on a tour around the state. “I will be flying there to travel... More »

Why McCain Has More 'Friends' Than Facebook

The candidate wants to be your buddy

(Newser) - John McCain wants to be your friend. He regularly and repeatedly addresses audiences as “my friends,” Paul Collins writes for Slate, calling the habit  "the most mystifying verbal tic of any politician since Bob Dole." FDR and William Jennings Bryan shared the habit, but in recent... More »

Hillary Dumps Another Tall Tale

Hospital contradicts her health care horror story

(Newser) - Another story Hillary Clinton has told repeatedly on the campaign trail turns out to be untrue, CNN reports. This one is about a pregnant woman from Ohio who dies after being turned away from a hospital because she has no health insurance. A spokesman for the hospital has denied the... More »

Kennedy's Hot on the Stump for Obama

Legendary lion thrills to campaign, is surprise hit with MTV generation

(Newser) - When Ted Kennedy endorses you, he doesn't just phone it in: The 75-year-old Massachusetts senator is seriously stumping for Barack Obama—and taking the Southwest by storm. Since backing Obama in a fiery speech on Monday, Kennedy has tried out his Spanish in Santa Fe and sung on an LA... More »

Clinton Opens Up as Obama Clams Up

Falling behind, candidate adopts new playbook

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is loosening up, taking questions, and (gasp!) showing emotion as her campaign falls behind in New Hampshire, the New York Times reports. Barack Obama, meanwhile, has become a classic cautious frontrunner. Never a freewheeling, off-the-cuff McCain type anyway, the Illinois senator has now stopped taking questions at... More »

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