State of the Union Address

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White House Walks Back Trump's 'Treasonous' Remark

It was 'tongue in cheek,' spokesman says

(Newser) - The White House says President Trump wasn't speaking seriously when he said it was "treasonous" for Democrats not to clap during his State of the Union address. He was speaking "tongue in cheek" and trying to emphasize positive changes under his leadership that all Americans should celebrate,... More »

Trump's Boast About SOTU Audience Not Quite Right

It was brag-worthy, but in other ways

(Newser) - President Trump likes his crowds big , and he seems pleased with what he ended up with on Tuesday night. "Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union speech," he tweeted Thursday. "45.6 million people watched, the highest number... More »

Fact-Checkers Pounce on Trump's SOTU Address

They say he was wrong on immigration, coal, wages

(Newser) - President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday night—and fact-checkers say it was riddled with "alternative facts," even by the exaggeration-heavy standards of SOTU speeches. They say the president displayed a faulty grasp of immigration policy, among other things. A selection of findings from... More »

Trump 'Did What He Needed to Do' in SOTU Address

'He wanted to take a reasonable, bipartisan tone'

(Newser) - "We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny, and the same great American flag," President Trump said in his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, adopting a moderate tone that insiders tell Politico was the product of weeks of planning. "He... More »

In SOTU Response, Kennedy Accuses Trump of Dividing US

He slams administration's 'false choices'

(Newser) - The Democratic response to this year's State of the Union address was delivered by a Kennedy for the first time since Ted Kennedy joined a group of senators responding to Ronald Reagan in 1982. Speaking at a vocational high school in Fall River, Mass., Rep. Joe Kennedy III accused... More »

Trump Reverses Obama, Orders Gitmo Kept Open

President says it's necessary to fight terrorism

(Newser) - President Trump made some tangible news during his State of the Union address Tuesday: He announced that Gitmo is staying open indefinitely. “In the past, we have foolishly released hundreds of dangerous terrorists, only to meet them again on the battlefield," said the president. With that in mind,... More »

Trump Draws Boos With Reference to 'Chain Migration'

Democrats make their displeasure heard

(Newser) - President Trump drew boos from Democrats Tuesday in his State of the Union address as he discussed his immigration proposals. The jeers came as Trump talked about trying to end "chain migration." The president complained that "under the current broken system, a single immigrant can bring in... More »

Trump: 'This Is Our New American Moment'

President delivers the State of the Union

(Newser) - President Trump began his State of the Union address Tuesday as expected by highlighting the strength of the US economy and calling attention to the newly passed tax cuts. "This is our new American moment," Trump declared. "There has never been a better time to start living... More »

First Lady Arrives Separately

It's a break with tradition for Melania Trump at State of the Union

(Newser) - One of the less substantive things on the radar of those keeping an eye on the State of the Union address was the first lady's actions. And as the Washington Post reports, Melania Trump provided some early fodder: She broke with White House tradition and did not accompany her... More »

If Disaster Strikes Amid Speech, Sonny's in Charge

Agriculture secretary Perdue is this year's 'designated survivor' for SOTU

(Newser) - As the last i's are being dotted on President Trump's State of the Union address, one traditional formality has been announced: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is this year's "designated survivor." That means if disaster strikes during the speech, wiping out the entire presidential line of... More »

One Thing May Matter Most in State of the Union Speech

The presidential tone

(Newser) - As President Trump gets ready to deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday night, pretty much every media outlet is providing a "what to watch" feature. One common theme is that Trump is certain to boast about the US economy and lay out plans for a major infrastructure... More »

Trump Campaign to Flash Donor Names During SOTU Broadcast

At least a dozen Dems are boycotting speech

(Newser) - President Trump's aides say his first State of the Union address will be "bipartisan and forward looking"—and with a donation of just $35, you can have your name flashed on a screen during a broadcast of it. The Washington Post reports that Trump's campaign website... More »

Democrats Pick Kennedy for SOTU Response

RFK grandson will speak in gritty Mass. town

(Newser) - A new generation of the Kennedy political dynasty will be introduced to a national audience Tuesday night as one delivers the Democratic response to President Trump's State of the Union. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, a 37-year-old Massachusetts congressman and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, says Democrats should focus on... More »

Trump's State of the Union Guests Fit a Theme

Here's the list of those who revolve around message of 'safe, strong, and proud America'

(Newser) - President Trump's guests for his State of the Union speech Tuesday include an Ohio welder who will benefit from his tax overhaul plan and the parents of two Long Island teenagers who were believed to be killed by MS-13 gang members. Among his other guests are rescuers who battled... More »

#MeToo Dress Code Is Moving to Capitol Hill

Rep. Jackie Speier, other Dems encouraging black attire for President Trump's State of the Union

(Newser) - The red carpet turned dark at the Golden Globes on Sunday, where the majority of celebrities dressed in all black to recognize the sexual misconduct issue in Hollywood marked by the "#MeToo" and "Time's Up" movements. Now it's Congress' turn, with an invite from the House... More »

Paul Ryan 'Wanted to Be Wallpaper' During SOTU

He thought Trump attacks 'degraded' the presidency

(Newser) - President Obama's final State of the Union address was Paul Ryan's first in the House speaker's seat—and he did not enjoy the experience. He tells USA Today that while sitting behind the president, he "disagreed with much of what he had to say," but... More »

4 Takes on Obama's Final SOTU

Inspirational for some, exasperating for others

(Newser) - President Obama delivered the final State of the Union address of his presidency on Tuesday night, looking back at the last seven years and offering his vision of America's future. Here's what the pundits are saying:
  • The word "Trump" wasn't spoken, but the speech, with its
... More »

Haley Takes Swipe at Trump, Too, in GOP Response

She doesn't go easy on her own party

(Newser) - Donald Trump is managing to again grab headlines , though his name was neither uttered by President Obama nor South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who gave the GOP response to Obama's State of the Union address . The American-born daughter of Indian immigrants gave what Politico describes as a "not-so-subtle... More »

Obama Tossed Out One 'Curveball'

Wage insurance...

(Newser) - Though "vision" is the buzzword when it comes to describing President Obama's final State of the Union address , he did share some concrete goals and proposals, among them ways to better support unemployed Americans ... and one was a "curveball," writes Haley Sweetland Edwards at Time : wage... More »

In Last SOTU, Obama Hits at Those 'Peddling Fiction'

Makes the case for keeping a Democrat in the White House

(Newser) - Three presidents have opted not to deliver their final speech in person; President Obama was not the fourth, tonight giving what was his last State of the Union address. He kicked it off with a wide grin, noting that for "this final one I'm going to try to... More »

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