State of the Union Address

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This Was Least-Watched SOTU in 14 Years

Fox the only network to gain viewers for speech

(Newser) - American TV viewers chose to skip President Obama's State of the Union address en masse. The address pulled in just 33.3 million viewers, the lowest since Bill Clinton's final SOTU address in 2000, when there were 35 million fewer Americans, the Hollywood Reporter finds. The ratings were... More »

Congressman Threatens to Throw Reporter Off Balcony

Rep. Michael Grimm also tells NY1 reporter 'I'll break you'

(Newser) - After President Obama's State of the Union address last night, a reporter attempted to question New York Rep. Michael Grimm on 2010 campaign finance allegations—and faced a threat in return. NY1 reporter Michael Scotto interviewed the Republican in the Capitol Rotunda about the speech, the New York Daily ... More »

6 State of the Union Takeaways

Obama combative, but makes some peace offerings

(Newser) - Another State of the Union address is in the books, and you know what that means: Time for pundits to assemble random observations and analysis into "takeaway" lists! Here are some of our favorite reactions this morning:
  • The Boehner Card: How do you get Republicans to applaud? Flatter them.
... More »

Texas Rep's Tweet: Obama a 'Socialistic Dictator'

Randy Weber calls president 'Kommandant'

(Newser) - Ahead of last night's State of the Union Address , a Republican congressman tweeted his thoughts on the president: "On floor of house waitin on 'Kommandant-In-Chef' [sic] ... the Socialistic dictator who's been feeding US a line or is it 'A-Lying?'" Texas Rep. Randy Weber's... More »

GOPers Focus on Jobs in SOTU Responses

McMorris Rodgers, Paul, Tea Party's Lee offer rebuttals

(Newser) - President Obama's State of the Union address was swiftly followed by a flurry of rebuttals from the GOP, offering a diversity of responses that highlight the ideological conflicts in the party, the Washington Post notes. Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the highest-ranked female Republican in Congress, delivered the official... More »

Obama Introduces 'MyRA' for Retirement

Also slams 'Mad Men' policies in the workplace for women, gap between rich and poor

(Newser) - President Obama has wrapped up his State of the Union address, calling for a "year of action" on everything from income inequality to immigration reform, from "equal pay for equal work" for women to better retirement planning for Americans. Obama emphasized that he plans to act on his... More »

Obama, Make These 5 Tweaks to SOTU

Ian Bassin lists 5 'bold' moves president could make at State of the Union

(Newser) - President Obama will announce a number of executive actions at tonight's State of the Union Address—but though the writing and planning of the speech likely started months ago, there are probably a number of aides considering last-minute additions even now. Ian Bassin should know: He used to be... More »

7 Things to Know About Tonight's State of the Union

Obama is ready to go it alone

(Newser) - Last year 33.5 million people tuned in for President Obama's fifth State of the Union. That was the smallest SOTU audience since Bill Clinton's 2000 address and quite a drop from Obama's 2009 SOTU debut to 52.4 million people. Which direction will the numbers go... More »

Obama Raising Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

From $7.25 to $10.10, via executive order

(Newser) - Some federal contract workers will soon be making $10.10 per hour, up from $7.25, thanks to an executive action to be signed by President Obama. The move could eventually affect more than 2 million employees, but Obama's long-term goal is to increase the minimum wage across the... More »

Rubio on Water Gulp: God Reminding Me I'm Human

Mid-speech sip sparks Twitter surge

(Newser) - It's not unusual for the peanut gallery to ask if a politician was drinking after a speech—or if that drink was Kool-Aid—but it's Marco Rubio's swig of water last night that's getting more attention than his words. While giving his party's response to... More »

Obama's SOTU Had 'Retro Flavor'

But lefty goals that could have been backed by JFK, FDR might not get far: pundits

(Newser) - Pundits agree: President Obama's speech last night marked a firm push for progressive goals, shedding much of the bipartisan focus we've heard from him in recent years. A sampling of what analysts are saying:
  • The speech had a "retro flavor—'Democrat Classic,'" writes Glenn
... More »

Paul, Tea Party Slam 'Robin Hood'

Senator urges cuts in State of the Union response

(Newser) - Rand Paul called for more "Adam Smith" and less "Robin Hood" as he gave the Tea Party's response to President Obama's State of the Union. "Government is the problem," the Kentucky senator said, calling for drastic spending cuts. Sequestration's automatic cuts aren't... More »

Obama Wants to Raise Minimum Wage to $9

He also wants preschool available to all kids, tougher gun laws

(Newser) - We knew much of what he was going to say in advance—a focus on gun violence, job creation to create a "thriving middle class," and a quicker drawdown of US troops in Afghanistan , for starters—but President Obama still had a speech to give. Some highlights and... More »

Rubio: Obama Has 'Obsession' to Raise Taxes

In excerpts, says president's plans will hurt middle class

(Newser) - President Obama is going to make middle-class jobs a big part of his State of the Union Address, but Marco Rubio says the president's approach would backfire. Politico has excerpts of Rubio's Republican rebuttal, to be delivered in English and Spanish , including:
  • “The tax increases and the
... More »

Obama: Middle-Class Jobs Must Be Our 'North Star'

In excerpts, he says initiatives won't increase the deficit a 'single dime'

(Newser) - It's not clear how specific President Obama will get in laying out initiatives to create jobs in his State of the Union Address, but excerpts released by the White House make clear he intends to make the concept a key talking point—and he insists it won't increase... More »

Anonymous Vows to Block Obama Speech Online

Hackers promise 'virtual blockade'

(Newser) - If you're trying to follow President Obama's State of the Union Address online tonight and run into trouble, this might be why: The hackers of Anonymous promise a "virtual blockade" of the speech during its live delivery, reports Salon . It's not clear exactly what that means,... More »

State of the Union Advice for Obama

Pundits urge Obama to think big, articulate a vision

(Newser) - President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address tonight, and every pundit out there has an opinion on how he should approach it. A sampling of the day's top unsolicited advice:
  • "It may be tempting to list a series of measures Obama wants Congress to pass,
... More »

Exec Orders on Cybersecurity Due Tomorrow

But White House still wants Congress to act

(Newser) - President Obama's hotly rumored executive orders to beef up cybersecurity for companies operating America's critical infrastructure are coming tomorrow morning, sources tell the Hill . Obama is expected to mention cybersecurity briefly in tonight's State of the Union address, as he did in last year's; but, with... More »

'Aisle Hogs' Camp Out Hours for SOTU Seats

It's a rare opportunity to shake hands, talk to the president

(Newser) - As you read this, there are already lawmakers sitting in the House chamber, just waiting for President Obama to arrive for his State of the Union address tonight. The aisle seats in the chamber have become hot commodities in recent years, with less-well-known legislators clamoring for a rare chance to,... More »

Obama to Announce Withdrawal of 34K Troops

Accelerated drawdown to feature in State of the Union address

(Newser) - President Obama intends to pull about half of the US' remaining troops in Afghanistan out of the country within a year, and will announce the move at tonight's State of the Union address, two sources familiar with the address tell the AP . Obama agreed to accelerate the US exit... More »

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