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Flight 1549 Co-Captain: 'I'm Just an Airline Pilot'

Copilot reports Obama is a 'very, very nice guy'

(Newser) - He helped saved 155 people with the successful water landing of US Airways Flight 1549, but co-pilot Jeff Skiles says he was only doing his job. "I'm just an airline pilot, and that's what we do,” Skiles told the New York Post. "We weren't doing anything any... More »

NH Town Always Picks a Winner

Hudson, pop. 25,000, has tabbed primary victors for 50 years

(Newser) - One New Hampshire town is in sync with the state and even the nation. Hudson, population 25,000, has picked the state's primary winners and national party nominees in the past 13 elections. "It's certainly been happening a long time for it to just be a coincidence," New... More »

2 Stories