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Secret CIA Interrogation Tapes Found Under Desk

Yet told the government they didn't exist

(Newser) - The CIA has tapes of confessed 9/11 plotter Ramzi Binalshibh’s interrogation in a secret prison in Morocco, even though it has twice told the government that such tapes do not exist. The tapes, two video and one audio, were found in a box under a desk at the agency,... More »

CIA Calls on Court to Keep Interrogation Files Secret

Panetta warns that releasing records would benefit al-Qaeda

(Newser) - The head of the CIA urged a federal judge yesterday to keep records of harsh interrogations of al-Qaeda suspects under wraps, CNN reports. The ACLU is suing to make the files, which describe the content of destroyed CIA tapes, public. But Leon Panetta warned that doing so would have "... More »

US Warned It Would Tape Visits With Gitmo Detainees

Attorneys long foiled in attempts to gain access; could confirm abuse allegations

(Newser) - Foreign intelligence and law-enforcement teams visiting their citizens being held at Guantanamo Bay were warned by the Bush administration that video and sound from the sessions might be recorded, the Washington Post reports. If true, it means the military could have tapes of dozens of discussions detainees have claimed were... More »

Video of Gitmo Interrogation Hits Web

Sobbing 16-year-old Canadian detainee claims torture

(Newser) - A videotape of Canadian officials interrogating a sobbing 16-year-old detainee at Guantanamo Bay surfaced on the Internet today. The clip, made public under a court order obtained by the suspect's lawyer, is the first such footage from the detention center to reach the public, the CBC reports. It shows an... More »

CIA's Legal Troubles Grow Over Tapes' Destruction

Agency faces growing number of challenges from detainees

(Newser) - The CIA's decision to destroy interrogation videotapes to save itself legal trouble is backfiring in a big way, the New York Times reports. Lawyers for more than a dozen detainees have filed challenges citing the destruction of evidence, putting terrorism cases on shaky ground and jeopardizing future prosecutions as well,... More »

CIA 'Gulled' Court on Torture Tapes, Says Judge

May quiz officials himself

(Newser) - A federal judge said he suspects the CIA lied to his court about tapes showing the harsh interrogations of two al-Qaeda leaders, the New York Times reports. The CIA claims no records exist concerning the tapes, which were destroyed in 2005. But the judge, currently deciding a Freedom of Information... More »

Judge Refuses to Step Into CIA Tape Case

Justice Department's investigation sufficient for now, justice rules

(Newser) - A federal judge today denied a request by a lawyer representing terrorism suspects that he open hearings into the CIA's destruction of interrogation videotapes, the AP reports. Judge Henry H. Kennedy said that he had no evidence that the Bush administration had defied court orders and that the Justice Department's... More »

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