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800 Checkpoints After Barcelona, One Man Still at Large

Radical imam suspected of leading terror cell that carried out attack

(Newser) - The net has widened in the search for Younes Abouyaaqoub, the Moroccan national now believed to have been the van driver in Thursday's terrorist attack in Barcelona . Officials say that despite 800 police checkpoints in the region, the 22-year-old remains at large and may have fled to another European... More »

Belgium Authorities Think They've Got 'Man in the Hat'

'Several arrests' made in Belgium linked to Paris, Brussels terror attacks

(Newser) - Mohamed Abrini, one of the suspects in the November Paris attacks (and said to be likely involved in last month's Brussels attacks ) was arrested Friday in Brussels, unnamed sources tell Belgian broadcaster VRT, via Reuters —and he's likely the mysterious "man in the hat" seen... More »

Most Americans OK With Torturing Terror Suspects: Poll

One party stands behind it more than the other

(Newser) - Donald Trump made some waves in early March when he made pro-torture statements at a GOP debate (he walked that back somewhat the next day). But he likely wouldn't have offended a good number of Americans, according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll . Per the poll of nearly 2,000... More »

Terror Suspect Took Selfie With Severed Head: Report

Sources: Yassin Salhi sent gruesome pic via WhatsApp to at least 1 person

(Newser) - A gruesome coda to an already gruesome story : French officials are reporting that Yassin Salhi, the suspect detained yesterday in the beheading of his boss at a gas plant, took a selfie with the victim's head and sent it to at least one recipient, reports the AFP . Two anonymous... More »

Former DC-Area Cabbie on Terror Most-Wanted List

Suspect's brother is fighting no-fly list in court

(Newser) - Nobody knows a city as well as a taxi driver, which is why the FBI says it is very worried about the latest addition to its most-wanted terror list. Liban Haji Mohamed, 29, is a Somali-born US citizen who was driving a cab in Washington, DC's northern Virginia suburbs... More »

Poland Let CIA Run 'Black Site', Torture Men: Court

Al-Qaeda members' human rights were violated, tribunal rules

(Newser) - Poland has denied that it let the CIA run a "black site" on its soil, where two suspected members of al-Qaeda claim they were tortured, but the European Court of Human Rights came to a different conclusion today, blasting Poland for human rights violations. The ruling awarded $175,000... More »

Boston Police Chief: FBI Never Told Us of Tamerlan

Ed Davis says his department should have been notified of investigation

(Newser) - Boston's police chief says the FBI never informed his department that it investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev a while back after getting a warning from Russia. Would it have mattered? Ed Davis told a House panel today that it's impossible to say but that his department "absolutely" would have... More »

Terror Suspect in Canada: Laws of Mortals Don't Apply

Criminal code is not the 'holy book,' argues Chiheb Esseghaier

(Newser) - One of the two men detained in Canada on charges that he planned a terrorist attack on a passenger train tried a novel approach in court today: Chiheb Esseghaier made the case that Canada's criminal code doesn't apply to him because it is not the "holy book,... More »

2 Suspects Spotted in Boston Videos: Report

'Handful' sought for questioning

(Newser) - Surveillance footage is providing new information about the Boston marathon bombings, with insiders telling the Los Angeles Times that authorities have spotted two suspects. Word of a man carrying a black backpack emerged yesterday; now, a federal official says "two men with two backpacks" appear in video or other... More »

Video May Show Suspect in Boston

FBI says no arrests have been made

(Newser) - Authorities have spotted a possible suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, sources tell CNN . The breakthrough comes based on analysis of security camera footage from a Lord & Taylor store near the site of the second explosion. Other outlets echoed the news, and some, including AP , initially reported that a... More »

Alabama Men Arrested on Terror Charges

Both accused of wanting to wage violent jihad overseas

(Newser) - Two Alabama men have been arrested in Georgia on terrorism charges, and authorities say they wanted to wage violent jihad overseas. Randy "Rasheed" Wilson and Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair, both 25, met online in 2010, and Wilson allegedly told an FBI employee that they planned to go overseas together... More »

2 Detained Brits May Have Helped Syrian Extremists

Two 20-somethings arrested at Heathrow

(Newser) - Two 26-year-old Brits detained at Heathrow last night may have been involved in the kidnapping of two journalists in Syria, authorities say. Both are being held on suspicion of supporting terrorist activity, report the BBC and the Guardian . Another intriguing detail from Sky News : One of them is reportedly a... More »

Did France Miss the Warning Signs?

PM defends intelligence service's handling of Mohamed Merah

(Newser) - France is wondering whether more could have been done to prevent Mohamed Merah's deadly series of attacks. The al-Qaeda-inspired killer—who was shot dead yesterday after a 32-hour standoff —had a violent criminal record, had been put under surveillance after trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and was on... More »

NYC Terror Suspect's Mom Apologizes

Son Jose Pimentel changed after conversion to Islam, she says

(Newser) - The mother of a Manhattan suspect accused of plotting a bombing campaign wants the city to know that she's sorry. “I want to apologize to the city of New York," Carmen Sosa told reporters. “I love the city. I’ve been here since 1987 and I’... More »

2 Arrested for NYC Terror Plot

'Homegrown radicals' accused of planning attack

(Newser) - Two men believed to have been planning a terrorist attack on New York City were arrested last night. Law enforcement sources describe the men as homegrown radicals of North African descent, the New York Times reports. The arrests were made by the NYPD's Intelligence Division after the FBI-NYPD Joint... More »

Feds Dial Back Miranda Rights for Terror Suspects

New rules allow terrorists to be questioned longer

(Newser) - The Obama administration has issued new rules allowing law enforcement to hold terror suspects longer than other alleged criminals without reading them their Miranda rights, the Wall Street Journal reports. The change, which is to be used when investigators “conclude that continued unwarned interrogation” is needed “to collect... More »

Brit Terror Suspects Targeted Holiday Shoppers

Arrests 'absolutely necessary': police

(Newser) - The 12 men arrested yesterday across Britain sought to attack holiday shoppers in multi-city, synchronized bombings. The raids marked the first discovery of an alleged terrorist plot by people of Bangladeshi origin, the Independent notes. Bangladesh has become a terror training site since travelers to Pakistan began facing tighter security.... More »

2 Arrested After Boarding United Flight With Mock Bomb

Yemeni nationals believed to be carrying out 'dry run'

(Newser) - Dutch police are questioning two Yemeni nationals suspected of carrying out a "dry run" for a terrorist attack. The men were held after arriving in Amsterdam on a United Airlines flight that departed from Chicago. Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi was first stopped as he boarded a flight from... More »

Jersey Jihadist Wanted to 'Mutilate Gays'

Alessa radicalized in early teen years

(Newser) - Mohamed Mahmood Alessa at 14 was already talking about mutilating homosexuals, blowing up his school, and subordinating women in the name of Islam. During his teen years the Jersey jihadist was kicked out of a string of schools, where "he was exhibiting this crazy, radicalized behavior," and officials... More »

US Asks Pakistani Elite to Look for Terrorists ...

... inside their own families

(Newser) - The Obama administration has issued an unusual request to Pakistan's leaders: Make sure your kids aren't terrorists. A federal official tells Philip Shenon of the Daily Beast that the administration sent a “clear, if carefully worded warning” to political and and military leaders to check their families and staff... More »

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