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Kansas City Shooting Suspect Charged With Capital Murder

Frazier Glenn Miller held on $10M bond

(Newser) - Kansas prosecutors filed state-level murder charges today against the white supremacist accused in shootings that left three people dead at two Jewish community sites in suburban Kansas City. Frazier Glenn Cross has been charged with one count of capital murder for the deaths of a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather... More »

Mom Confesses to Smothering Babies

Except for one that she says was stillborn

(Newser) - Megan Huntsman has confessed to strangling or smothering six of the seven dead babies found hidden in her garage , according to an affidavit released today. She says the seventh child was stillborn. The 39-year-old said she'd given birth to the children between 1996 and 2006. Each time she would... More »

Kansas City Shootings Investigated as Hate Crimes

As hundreds gather to mourn 3 victims

(Newser) - The Justice Department, under Eric Holder's orders, will investigate whether yesterday's shootings at two Kansas City Jewish sites broke the federal hate crimes law, the AP reports. Holder today issued a statement on the shootings, which ended with three dead, allegedly at the hands of white supremacist Frazier... More »

Arrest in 17-Year-Old Cold Case, Thanks to Cigarette

And some very determined Oklahoma investigators

(Newser) - Police have been searching for 17 years for the killer of Amber Gail Creek, a 14-year-old runaway foster child from Illinois found strangled and beaten to death in Wisconsin in 1997, the word "Hi" written on her hand, a $5 price tag stuck to her arm, and a plastic... More »

Couple Unveils True-Crime Mystery in Galapagos Affair

Filmmakers investigate murder story on famous islands

(Newser) - A pair of married San Francisco filmmakers stumbled on an unexpected mystery at the Galapagos Islands—and it had nothing to do with Darwin, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller were visiting for a film project when they read about a German philosopher and his mistress... More »

Whitey Bulger: An Innocent Man Is Behind Bars

Boston hit man urges 'real killer' to step forward

(Newser) - Notorious Boston hit man James "Whitey" Bulger has adopted an unlikely cause: exonerating a man in prison for murder, the Boston Globe reports. Fred Weichel, a South Boston man behind bars for 32 years, has long claimed he never committed murder in 1980. He even got a new trial... More »

Cops Hunt Hedge Fund Boss in Banker's Murder

Plus: Possible banker murder-suicide investigated in Netherlands

(Newser) - The hunt is on for an "armed and dangerous" man in tiny Liechtenstein. Police say hedge fund manager Juergen Hermann is suspected of shooting and killing the CEO of Bank Frick in an underground parking lot, the Local reports. According to Swiss reports, the victim was Juergen Frick, 48,... More »

One of Killer's Errors: He Left Toilet Seat Up

Which led cops to his fingerprints on handle

(Newser) - A Schenectady man confessed this week to the horrendous crime of murdering a retired nun in her own home, reports News10 . And the Albany Times Union notes that police caught 38-year-old Michael Briggs thanks in part to a dumb move on his part at the crime scene: He used the... More »

Family of Teen Killed in Girl's Room: Charge Her

They say girlfriend is at fault for lying about boy

(Newser) - The family of the 17-year-old Texas boy who was shot and killed after sneaking into his girlfriend's bedroom says the girlfriend should be charged in his death. The 16-year-old girl has not been identified, but a grand jury is deciding whether her father should face any charges for shooting... More »

Mom Accused of Killing Son She Thought Was Gay

Jessica Dutro trial begins

(Newser) - An Oregon mom is on trial for allegedly beating her son to death, which she did, prosecutors told the court this week, because she believed the 4-year-old was gay. On Wednesday the judge in the case ruled that prosecutors could introduce as evidence a Facebook message in which Jessica Dutro,... More »

Tsarnaev Friend's Murder Confession Revealed?

Photo purports to show fateful legal pad

(Newser) - A Florida prosecutor and the Department of Justice each issued reports yesterday clearing agents of wrongdoing in the killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's pal Ibragim Todashev, and revealing new details about the incident. One such detail: At one point, Todashev wrote out a confession. The Florida report contains a comically... More »

Cops: Man, Woman Kill Police Officer, Commit Suicide

Suspects found dead a block away from shooting scene

(Newser) - A Florida police officer was fatally shot when he encountered two people he described as suspicious walking on the street early Saturday—and the male and female suspects then apparently committed suicide about a block away from the scene. Police say Officer Robert German called for backup, and by the... More »

Johnny Cash's Great-Niece Murdered

Courtney Cash's death thought to be linked to drugs

(Newser) - Police this week found the body of Johnny Cash's great-niece stabbed to death and stuffed in a cedar box in the Tennessee home where she lived with her boyfriend and their young daughter, the AP reports. Courtney Cash, 23, and boyfriend William Austin Johnson met up with a friend,... More »

Arrest Finally Made in Hollywood Sign Severed Head Case

Victim's former roommate, partner charged with murder

(Newser) - Police made a long-awaited arrest over a murder scene that unfolded at the iconic Hollywood sign. In January 2012, two women walking their dogs in Los Angeles' Griffith Park made a morbid discovery: a human head; more body parts were eventually found . Now, 38-year-old Gabriel Campos Martinez has been arrested... More »

2 Arrests Made in 'Quilt' Murder From 25 Years Ago

Victim's husband and brother-in-law are charged

(Newser) - Police in San Jose say they've closed a cold-case murder from 25 years ago that involved a newly revealed clue : a quilt used to cover the victim. Cops arrested David Zimmer, 66, in the strangulation of his estranged, wife, Cathy, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . They also filed murder... More »

FBI Hunts Killer Behind Unsolved 1976 Murders

Murders of 5 SF Bay Area women linked to Reno killing, say authorities

(Newser) - The FBI is turning up the heat on a series of cold-case murders now almost 40 years old. Thanks to new DNA evidence, detectives say they suspect one killer is responsible for the murders of five young women around the San Francisco Bay Area in early 1976, and was an... More »

Man to Be Tried for Murder After Victim Dies 13 Years Later

Allegedly set boy on fire when he was 13, but will be tried as adult

(Newser) - Don Willburn Collins was 13 when he allegedly attacked 8-year-old Robert Middleton in Texas in 1998, dousing him with gasoline and setting him on fire. Middleton, who suffered burns across 99% of his body, went through years of physical therapy and ultimately died in 2011 from skin cancer blamed on... More »

Murderer Caught 30 Years Later Kills Self

Californian commits suicide as DNA links him to old crime

(Newser) - As a teenager, Robert Hathaway raped and murdered his friend's mother in the summer of 1983 and got away with it all these years. Finally, a routine check of a fingerprint database in January of this year sent police to his door in Fairfield, California, to get a DNA... More »

Parrot Helps Catch Owner's Murderer

It screeched whenever dead owner's nephew was near

(Newser) - The title of "man's best friend" might no longer go to dogs after this one: A parrot reportedly led detectives to its owner's murderer, the Times of India reports. Neelam Sharma, 45, was found stabbed to death along with her dog in the Indian city of Agra... More »

Dad Not Guilty of Decapitating Disabled Son

Jeremiah Wright was accused of dismembering his boy

(Newser) - A Louisiana man accused of dismembering his disabled, 7-year-old son and leaving his head in a yard was found not guilty by reason of insanity on Friday, WDSU reports. Jeremiah Wright, 32, was arrested in 2011 for the gruesome killing, and told investigators that he believed his son Jori Lirette—... More »

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