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Expert Agrees With Suspect: SF Killing Was an Accident

Judge to decide if Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez will face a murder trial

(Newser) - A ballistics expert yesterday seemed to back up Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez's claim that he fatally shot Kate Steinle by accident at San Francisco's Pier 14 in broad daylight in July. During a preliminary hearing, the former chief of the San Francisco Police crime lab said the gun the... More »

Study: This Is the Kind of Man Who Murders His Partner

There are striking similarities among these convicts

(Newser) - The kind of man who kills his wife or family fits a pattern, and this new understanding of who commits this kind of murder could help prevent them from happening in the first place. So report Northwestern University researchers in the Journal of Forensic Sciences after interviewing and evaluating 153... More »

Judge Rules on Woman Who Stuffed Baby in Bag

Kimberly Pappas claimed she miscarried baby at work

(Newser) - A woman accused of suffocating her newborn baby in a plastic bag at work is facing charges of child abuse and murder. A judge made the ruling today after hearing testimony in a Detroit suburb, the Detroit News reports. Kimberly Pappas, 26, allegedly gave birth in her office bathroom on... More »

Accused Killer of Social Worker Had 'Hit List'

Jody Herring allegedly planned more killings than the 4 she's been charged with

(Newser) - The Vermont woman charged with killing a social worker after losing custody of her 9-year-old daughter had a "hit list" that included her mother, stepfather, and possibly brother, according to documents made public yesterday. The Burlington Free Press reports Jody Herring's ex-boyfriend told police he saw the hit... More »

This Woman Left Her Family to Marry Man on Death Row

They married over speaker phone in 1996 and see each other twice a week

(Newser) - Rosalie Bolin hasn't always had such an unusual story. Back in the '90s she had a normal-looking marriage with wealthy attorney Victor D. Martinez (described by the LAT as "the scion of one of [Tampa's] oldest and most prominent families") and four daughters to show... More »

17-Year-Old's Kidnapping, Murder Stuns Germany

Anneli-Marie's captors demanded $1.3M in ransom before killing

(Newser) - The kidnapped daughter of a wealthy German businessman was found dead earlier this week—a horrific end to a case that has stunned Germany and left her parents in the care of police psychologists, reports the Mirror . Authorities say the 17-year-old, identified as Anneli-Marie R., was kidnapped while walking her... More »

Man's Retrial Thanks to Bad Fire Science Ends in Shocker

Ed Graf's retrial for murdering 2 stepsons in shed fire based on new arson science

(Newser) - In 1988, Ed Graf was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing his stepsons Joby, 9, and Jason, 8, in 1986 by locking them in a shed, dousing it with gasoline, and setting it on fire. Everything was there to prove the case against the Texas man, per... More »

Attorney, 3 Cops, 5 Others Accused in Crazy Murder

Man who scavenged metal was allegedly killed because of it

(Newser) - In a plot seemingly right out of this season of True Detective, a well-known criminal defense attorney and three California Highway Patrol officers, along with five other people, were arrested yesterday in connection with the 2012 murder of a 26-year-old man whose body was discovered in a remote forest near... More »

Murder Suspect: 6 Kids Were Growing Up to Be 'Monsters'

'God asked me to help them,' he says in jailhouse interview

(Newser) - In a bizarre, self-pitying jailhouse interview with KTRK , David Conley tries to portray himself as the real victim and says the six children he's accused of murdering "were growing up to be monsters." Conley served time in prison for assaults on Valerie Jackson—who was also killed... More »

Murdered Kids Released From Protective Custody in 2013

Their mother had sought protection from both her husband and her ex-boyfriend

(Newser) - The six children murdered in their Houston home last week were in state custody for three weeks back in 2013 after numerous reports of abuse and negligence on the part of their parents, David Ray Conley, Valerie Jackson, and her husband, Dwayne Jackson, the Houston Chronicle reports. The Department of... More »

Texas Victim Texted Mom Before Death

But it was too late to stop murder of entire family

(Newser) - One last wrenching detail from the murder of an entire family near Houston over the weekend: The mother being held at gunpoint somehow texted her own mother during the ordeal pleading for help, reports the Houston Chronicle . Deputies headed to the scene, but it was too late to save Valerie... More »

Young Killers Took Tips From Breaking Bad: Prosecutor

They allegedly tried to dissolve woman's body in chlorine acid

(Newser) - A murder case in France is getting attention not only for its gruesome details, but because of the apparent inspiration the killers drew from Breaking Bad, a prosecutor says. After reports that 23-year-old Eva Bourseau had been missing for two weeks, authorities climbed through her Toulouse apartment skylight last Monday... More »

Cops: Man Killed 8 Because Ex Changed Locks

He had served time at least twice for assaulting woman

(Newser) - Police in Houston say they can't "fully comprehend the motivation" of a man who allegedly slaughtered eight people in their home on Saturday, but David Conley has told them that he did it because his ex-girlfriend, Valerie Jackson, changed the locks. The victims have been identified as Jackson,... More »

Why America's 1st Hijacker Killed a Man at 5K Feet

Earnest Pletch shot the pilot at close range

(Newser) - America's first hijacker gunned down a pilot at close range, yet lived much of his life a free man—apparently thanks to the pilot's wife. Indiana man Earnest Pletch wandered during his younger days in the 1920s and '30s, working for a traveling show and marrying at... More »

After Shootout, 5 Kids, 3 Adults Found Dead in Home

Houston gunman in custody

(Newser) - Eight people—including five children and three adults—were found dead inside a Houston-area home following the arrest of a man who exchanged gunfire with police, Texas authorities said today. Deputies were called to a home in the 2200 block of Falling Oaks Road about 9pm last night to perform... More »

Cops: Teen 'Spontaneously' Gave Up Murder Plans

Investigator expects to find knives, swords, machetes in Broken Arrow home

(Newser) - One of two Oklahoma brothers charged in the stabbing deaths of his parents and three siblings told police that plans for the attack were on a USB flash drive in a bedroom of the family's home in Broken Arrow, according to an affidavit for a search warrant filed yesterday... More »

Cops: Guy Killed Ex, Grandma Over Son's Name

Cesar Mazza, 25, was mad that child wasn't named after him, police say

(Newser) - Pittsburgh police say a man upset that his ex-girlfriend wouldn't name their newborn son after him fatally stabbed her 15 times and beat her grandmother to death. Cesar Mazza, 25, is awaiting arraignment today on charges of criminal homicide and kidnapping. Police say he took his 3-month-old son from... More »

Cops: Ritualistic Murder May Be Tied to Blue Moon

Florida mother and her 2 sons had slit throats and hammer wounds

(Newser) - An elderly woman and her two sons have been found dead at their home in Pensacola, Fla., the apparent victims of what police are calling a ritualistic murder that coincided with last week's blue moon (ie the second full moon in July). Voncile Smith, 77, Richard Thomas Smith, 49,... More »

Why This 'Golden Child' Tried to Have Her Parents Killed

Jennifer Pan serving 2 life sentences for mom's murder, dad's attempted murder

(Newser) - In January, Jennifer Pan learned she would be in prison until 2035 before she gets a shot at parole: The Toronto Star reported the 28-year-old Canadian was handed two life sentences for the murder of her mother and attempted murder of her father. Six months later, a 5,200-word Toronto ... More »

Police Report, Video of Sam DuBose's Death Don't Sync

Officer Ray Tensing's body cam suggests he wasn't dragged

(Newser) - Video has been released from the body camera of University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, and it doesn't square with the official police report. The officer, 25, allegedly pulled over unarmed 43-year-old Sam DuBose for a missing license plate on July 19, and after spending less than two... More »

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