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Tiger Woods Turns Down Gambling Sponsorship

Irish outfit says it'll enhance its $75M offer

(Newser) - You’d think Tiger Woods would be eager for any sponsorship he can get right now, but apparently he still has standards. The Irish gambling outfit Paddy Power says the scandal-plagued golfer has turned down its $75 million sponsorship offer. But the company says it “remains keen” to sign... More »

Bookie Forgets Bet, Threatens to Kill Horse

Gambler panicked, tried to keep thoroughbred from race

(Newser) - A UK bookie was convicted yesterday of threatening to kill one of the world’s top racing horses in a desperate attempt to make up for a bet he’d forgotten to place for his high roller clients. Self-professed gambling addict Andrew Rodgerson’s job was to place bets for... More »

Bookies Call Game 5 for Phillies

Under Vegas rules, the fat lady sung at the bottom of the fifth

(Newser) - Game 5 of the World Series is stuck in a rain-soaked limbo in Philadelphia but it's all over in Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Nevada gaming ‘house rules’ state that a canceled game reverts to the score of the last finished inning, making it a 2-1 victory for... More »

Bookies Pay Out on Longshot Clinton Bets

At 100-to-1, Hillary's victory startles political gambling websites

(Newser) - Clinton supporters of an apolitical kind had reason to celebrate after her surprise win in New Hampshire: bettors on a Hillary victory reaped huge payoffs after her odds dropped to a low of 100-to-1. Bloomberg reports that the Dublin-based Intrade had made an Obama result a near certainty, leaving contrarians... More »

4 Stories