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Woman Sues GM for Crash That Left Her Trapped for 6 Days

Safety recall notices for her 2009 Malibu came too late

(Newser) - A mother of four who lost both legs below the knees and suffered a traumatic brain injury after being stuck in her 2009 Chevrolet Malibu for six days following a crash filed a lawsuit against General Motors Tuesday. NBC 9 reports Kristin Hopkins lost control of her car while driving... More »

GM Is Going to Need Another Bailout

It will probably go broke in a few years: Forbes' Louis Woodhill

(Newser) - The feds may have bailed out GM once, but the way things are going, the company is going to need Round 2 in the near future, writes Louis Woodhill at Forbes . The numbers aren't pretty: The US still owns 26% of the company and would need about $53 a... More »

GM: Stop Calling Them 'Chevys'

Car giant tries to improve 'branding' by killing nickname

(Newser) - You can see the USA in your Chevrolet, but GM would rather if you stopped driving your “Chevy” to the levee or anywhere else. The company has sent out a memo to all its employees urging them to banish the ubiquitous nickname from their vocabularies. “We’d ask... More »

Under the Hood, Size Does Matter

Even in SUVs, Americans opt for smaller engines to conserve on gas

(Newser) - Instead of saving on gas by getting smaller cars, many Americans are buying cars with smaller engines. Four-cylinder autos have been zooming off lots nationwide, leaving six-cylinder rides in the dust: Three quarters of mid-size cars sold in May sported the smaller engine, a swerve away from a trend in... More »

Malibu Wins Car of the Year

Mazda CX-9 wins best truck at Detroit auto show

(Newser) - General Motors' goal of taking on the Camry and Accord got a boost today as the Chevy Malibu won North American Car of the Year at Detroit’s auto show, reports. Its Corvette-inspired twin-cockpit design, and a body shape similar to European luxury cars, has already won media... More »

5 Stories