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You Can Cut Hand-Washing Time in Half

10 seconds appears to do the trick: Rutgers study

(Newser) - You don't need to risk scalding yourself in order to get clean hands. According to researchers, washing your hands in cold water is just as effective at reducing bacteria as washing your hands in hot water. That's based on a small study of 21 people described in the... More »

Paper Towels More Hygienic Than Hand Dryers

And don't even think about rubbing your hands together

(Newser) - Paper towels may not be the most environmentally friendly way to dry your hands, but they are the most hygienic. Australian scientist Cunrui Huang reviewed 12 studies on hand-drying, and found paper towels were the superior method in a public restroom, because they dry your hands more quickly than air... More »

Many Med Students Ignorant on Hand-Washing

2 of 3 rising doctors don't know when to clean hands: Study

(Newser) - Doctors are expected to be seasoned experts in all things health, but a new study suggests that medical students aren't always sure when they're supposed to wash their hands, reports Time's Healthland blog . Researchers quizzed 85 German medical students on different scenarios and found that only one... More »

96% Say You Wash Hands; Only 85% Actually Do

11% of adults are dirty liars about hand-washing

(Newser) - The good news: 96% of adults claim they always wash their hands in public restrooms, according to a phone survey. The bad news: only 85% of adults actually do, a new observational study finds. Despite the dirty people who are lying about their hygiene habits (and, perhaps, sharing a bread... More »

Chicken Soup? Computers? Google? Pshaw!

Ephron tackles implications of modern inventions, advice

(Newser) - Modernity's full of fine inventions and healthy advice, but don't they really make us dimmer, sicker, and less prone to stumble on sex? So writes Nora Ephron in the New York Times, as she opines on hand-washing, breast-feeding, and rumors that chicken soup cures colds. "You have chicken soup;... More »

5 Stories