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Experimental Alzheimer's Drug Zaps Brain Plaque

Study suggests aducanumab clears amyloid beta plaque

(Newser) - New research suggests an experimental drug can drastically reduce the amount of a troublesome plaque that's found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients—though researchers stress that more study is needed. After comparing the brains of elderly people with and without cognitive decline, researchers identified an immune compound... More »

Ray of Hope in Drug to Treat 'Childhood Alzheimer's'

Niemann-Pick Disease Type C prevents the body from processing cholesterol properly

(Newser) - Not long before her 10th birthday, Hayley Koujaian began to have seizures. They weren't the first sign that something was amiss—for three years she was put in a variety of learning environments and programs but her cognition seemed to be slowly declining instead of progressing. Finally, after a... More »

Volunteer in Botched French Drug Trial Dies

Man in Biotrial clinical trial had been declared brain-dead

(Newser) - A French hospital says a patient has died after taking part in an experimental drug trial, and five other participants remain hospitalized. The Rennes University Hospital said in a statement that the patient, who had already been in a state of brain death , died Sunday. The statement says the hospital... More »

Nurse Treats Missionary, Gets Ebola

Spanish woman is 1st to contract disease outside of Africa

(Newser) - A nurse in Spain has come down with Ebola, making her the first victim of the current outbreak to not contract the disease in Africa, the BBC reports. Health officials say she began feeling sick last week after treating Manuel Viejo, a Spanish priest who got Ebola in Sierra Leone... More »

Ebola Drug Given to Aid Workers Was Made by...

... a company in San Diego called Mapp Biopharmaceutical

(Newser) - Two American aid workers infected with Ebola are getting an experimental drug so novel it has never been tested for safety in humans and was only identified as a potential treatment earlier this year, thanks to a longstanding research program by the US government and the military. The workers, Nancy... More »

Cure Still Elusive as Cancer Treatments Improve

(Newser) - The world’s largest cancer conference convened this weekend and offered some hope but no cures, USA Today reports. Researchers are getting closer to developing treatments that are gentler and more individualized, and that increase longevity and quality of life. But a cure remains elusive, and even the most promising... More »

Placenta Drip: Fad or Fantastic?

Afterbirth consumption risky, unproven to boost health

(Newser) - Feeling tired? A Tokyo clinic offers relaxation drips containing human placental extract as a pick-me-up. Long used by the Japanese to treat liver disease and menopause symptoms, placenta—with its immune molecules and nutrients that sustain the fetus during pregnancy—is symbolic, if not utterly scientific. The idea of a... More »

Study: Drug Reverses MS Brain Damage

Doctors hail 'major breakthrough' in treatment

(Newser) - Doctors are hailing what appears to be a huge breakthrough in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, the BBC reports. A drug used to treat leukemia reversed some of the brain damage caused by MS, researchers found, leaving sufferers less disabled at the end of the 3-year study than they had... More »

Psychedelic Drug Tests Resume After Decades

LSD, 'shrooms studied for ill, depressed

(Newser) - For the first time since the 1970s, scientists in several countries are studying the effects of psychedelic drugs like LSD in clinical trials, the Guardian reports. Researchers believe the long-stigmatized drugs may improve patients’ quality of life, helping them cope with the ravages of illness, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even... More »

How Congress Can Help Ted Kennedy

New bill would give terminally ill access to unproven drugs

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy has, at best, about two years to live. A drug exists that might extend his life, but Kennedy, and legions of other cancer sufferers, won’t get it because it hasn’t been through Phase III FDA trials. But congress could yet come to the rescue; a bill... More »

FDA Mandates Suicide Risk Assessment in Drug Trials

Danger doesn't lie only in antidepressants

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is now requiring drug companies to monitor suicide warning signs in clinical trials for experimental drugs, the New York Times reports. In the wake of studies showing that antidepressants might increase the risk of self-harm in children and teens, the agency is showing an awareness... More »

No Right to Drugs for Dying

Supreme Court declines to hear plea for experimental drugs

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has declined to hear what could have been a landmark case on whether terminally ill patients should be given access to experimental drugs not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The decision lets stand a lower court ruling that the terminally ill have no special... More »

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