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Florida Dem Cops to Affairs, Won't Resign

Tim Mahoney will let voters decide on 'disgraceful behavior'

(Newser) - Tim Mahoney has come clean about having "multiple affairs” reports ABC News. The Florida congressman admits his behavior was "disgraceful" but insists he did not violate any laws. His six-figure payoff to hush one mistress came from personal funds, Mahoney says, and his affair with a county official... More »

Florida District Endures Another Sex Scandal

Election year foibles mirror page-loving Foley he replaced

(Newser) - Just two years after Mark Foley resigned, Florida’s 16th district has another sex scandal on its hands, Time reports. Democratic Representative Tim Mahoney, who is fighting for reelection, has been implicated in an affair/payoff scandal, and investigators are wondering if he hushed his mistress with taxpayer dollars. Mahoney took... More »

GOP Moves In for Kill Over Sex Scandal

Pelosi hopes to limit damage

(Newser) - Collateral damage from a sex scandal linked to Florida congressman Tim Mahoney is spreading rapidly, and Republican leaders are hoping it could effect the presidential election, reports the Washington Post. GOP leaders are now demanding an investigation be broadened to include whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other congressional Democrats... More »

Pelosi Calls for Probe of Dem Linked to 'Hush-Money Affair'

Florida congressman linked to sex harassment payoff of mistress staffer

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation following a news report that Florida Democrat Tim Mahoney had an affair with a staffer, then paid her $121,000 to dodge a sexual harassment suit. The congressman has also called for an investigation, saying he's confident he will be... More »

Mistress Got Hush Money From 'More Moral' Fla. Rep.

Foley's successor ponied up $121K

(Newser) - Maybe it’s Florida? Two years have passed since Mark Foley, Palm Beach’s Republican Congressman, was forced to resign after sending lewd messages to male pages. His successor, Democrat Tim Mahoney, who ran on a ticket of “restoring America’s values,” gave a former mistress $121,000... More »

Congress Braces for Youthquake

Blue-haired lawmakers see resurgence of 20-, 30-somethings

(Newser) - Generations X and Y are setting their sights on Washington—and not as congressional pages, reports the Hill. More than a dozen candidates under 40 have a good shot at winning seats, potentially shaving a few years off the average legislator age, now nearing 60. But much like Barack Obama,... More »

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