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63% of Adult Illegals Have Lived in US for 10+ Years

Short-term illegals down due to bad economy, better enforcement

(Newser) - About 63% of the 10.2 million adult illegal immigrants in the United States have been living here for 10 years or more, and 46% have children, reports the LA Times . A study by the Pew Hispanic Center says that the number of long-term illegals has soared over the past... More »

Sotomayor the First Latino on Supreme Court? Not Exactly

Answer centers on whether Portuguese Cardozo was 'Hispanic'

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor is indeed the first Latino to be nominated for a Supreme Court post—if you don’t count Benjamin Cardozo, a justice serving in the 1930s who was born to parents claiming Portuguese descent. But, some ask, did that make him Latino? The answer, Antonio Olivo explains in... More »

Half of America's Population Growth Now Hispanic

Baby boom among '90s immigrants behind surge in Latino population

(Newser) - A Hispanic baby boom accounts for more than half of America's population growth over the last decade, the Houston Chronicle reports. A survey found 50.5% of the growth in that period was among Hispanics, even though the group currently makes up just 15% of the population. The growth is... More »

US Illegal Immigration Plunges

For the first time in years, legal immigrants outnumber incoming illegals

(Newser) - The number of illegal immigrants entering the US has plummeted in the last several years, a new study has found. Close to 800,000 illegal immigrants entered the US each year from 2000-2004, but 500,000 have entered each year since, reports the Washington Post. For the first time in... More »

Latinos the Wild Card in Nevada

Immigration debate has unnerved many

(Newser) - Hispanic voters could be key next November because they form a significant  minority of eligible voters in states President Bush won by less than 5% four years ago—Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. Saturday's Nevada caucus is expected to offer important insight into how Hispanics will vote in November,... More »

'06 a Mini Baby Boom for US

4.3M births highest in 45 years, go against trends in industrialized world

(Newser) - The US experienced a mini baby boom in 2006, with the largest number of children born since the 1960s. The AP reports 4.3 million births that year, giving the US a higher birth rate than Europe, Australia, Canada, or Japan. Hispanics accounted for a quarter of all US births,... More »

6 Stories