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DA: UC Prof Plotted Killing Spree at Son's School

Dad charged with arson he planned to avenge son's suicide

(Newser) - A California professor seeking to avenge his son's suicide set a series of fires and planned a killing spree at a high school, prosecutors say. UC Irvine professor Rainer Klaus Reinscheid has been arrested on felony arson charges in connection with the fires at University High School, an assistant... More »

UC Muslims Appealing Free-Speech Conviction

They got fines, community service for disrupting speech by Israeli ambassador

(Newser) - Ten Muslim students are appealing a conviction for disrupting a speech by an Israeli ambassador presented at a Unversity of California campus. The controversial case is seen as a test of the right to dissent. The students last year shouted out preplanned phrases to interfere with the ambassdor's speech... More »

UC Settles Suits in Embryo Thefts

'Our kids are still out there,' says heartbroken mom

(Newser) - The University of California Board of Regents has quietly paid $4.2 million to settle a dozen lawsuits linked to doctors who stole embryos in an Irvine fertility clinic, reports the Los Angeles Times. The physicians fled the US after it was discovered 14 years ago that they moved eggs... More »

'Google Man' Never Forgets

Cal-Irvine researchers examining his remarkable recall

(Newser) - Give Brad Williams a date—say, Jan. 1, 1962. He’ll tell you on that Monday his mother worked on the calendar while he watched To Tell The Truth. Sound amazing? Williams’ very rare detailed memory is called hyperthymesia, and University of California at Irvine scientists are studying his brain... More »

4 Stories