Yucca Mountain

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US Court: No Dithering on Nuke Waste Project

Nuclear Regulatory Commission told to decide on Yucca Mountain facility

(Newser) - The plan for a long-delayed nuclear waste dump limped forward today, possibly toward its own demise. A federal appeals court told the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it must decide on whether to approve the facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, Reuters reports. But the Obama administration and Senate Democratic... More »

Line by Line: Some Obama Budget Cuts

(Newser) - President Obama said today proposed budget cuts are “not a criticism of” federal workers. Still, they take a toll, from defense to education. The Washington Post takes a look at what’s being trimmed:
  • Anthrax vaccine research: The administration says the goals of the program have been met, and
... More »

McCain Calls For 45 New Nuke Plants by 2030

It's time for US to reinvest in nuclear energy, candidate argues

(Newser) - John McCain continued his energy campaign theme last night by calling for 45 nuclear power plants to be built by 2030, Reuters reports. He said he would eventually like to see 100 new plants to combat global warming and make the US energy independent. The nation's 104 reactors provide about... More »

Yucca Nuclear Waste Plan Mushrooms in Nevada Race

Dems weigh in as local issue goes national

(Newser) - Yucca Mountain’s future as a nuclear waste burial ground is central to US energy policy—but first, the site north of Las Vegas has a key role in Saturday's Nevada Democratic primary. Despite environmentalists’ newfound respect for nuclear fuel, candidates are required to pledge opposition to the 30-year-old plan,... More »

4 Stories