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Netanyahu: I'm the Next PM; Livni: Nope, I'll Be PM

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu says the voters have spoken and it's clear that he'll be Israel's next prime minister, the Jerusalem Post reports. Rival Tzipi Livni says the same thing. "I've spoken to party leaders, and we have agreed to begin negotiations on a new government tomorrow," says Netanyahu. Exit... More »

Israeli Right Wingers Abandon Olmert

Group withdraws from coalition, condemns peace talks

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert’s coalition government is hanging by a thread today after the defection of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, a hardline right-wing faction staunchly opposed to peace talks with the Palestinians. “Negotiations on the basis of land for peace are a critical mistake and will destroy us,” said... More »

2 Stories