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Cool Parents Groove to 'Kindie Rock'

Finally, kids music that's actually good

(Newser) - Good news, hipsters: You won’t have to trade in your street cred for Radio Disney when you have kids, thanks to “kindie music.” That’s independent kid music, aka stuff parents can listen to—and enjoy—even when their offspring aren’t around. Even as the music... More »

UK Artists Invent 'Neurotic' Robot Band

(Newser) - Cybraphon mimics a neurotic indie band by obsessing over its online presence and knocking out tunes to express its fluctuating moods, Wired reports. Designed by three UK artists, Cybraphon is a musical robot stuffed with an organ, cymbals, a Macbook Pro—and a highly volatile emotion meter. "The Cybraphon... More »

How an Amateur Made Classical Cool in NYC

Chamber rock series invites young fans to hear old masters

(Newser) - Ronen Givony is no musician, he can’t read music, and had never organized a concert—until recently. Now the 28-year-old is considered one of New York’s top impresarios, thanks to his “Wordless Music” series, which puts top indie rock and electronica bands on the same bill as... More »

Xiu Xiu's Women Breaks Ground

Intense indie musician drops electronics in 6th album

(Newser) - One of indie music’s most intense projects, Xiu Xiu is always innovating, and sixth album Women as Lovers is no slouch—at least its first half, says Tiny Mix Tapes’ Julie. Frontman Jamie Stewart has dropped electronics, hired a virtuoso drummer and reversed his recent “stasis.” But... More »

Magnetic Fields Score Again

Stephen Merritt makes a glorious return to his indie pop roots

(Newser) - The Magnetic Fields have hit the jackpot on their eighth album, Distortion. Frontman Stephen Merritt ignored his penchant for “cleverness and theatricality,” turned up the “1960s pop fetish,” and let the feedback roll. It’s a rebound from 2004’s i, says Pitchfork’s Matt LeMay,... More »

5 Stories