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Itchy Skin Malady Is Imaginary: Mayo Clinic

Morgellons sufferers think they have parasites, but researchers disagree

(Newser) - This may or may not be good news to those who suffer from a malady known collectively as Morgellons disease . Patients swear they have bugs, or parasites, or something just below the skin that triggers intense itching. Mayo Clinic researchers, however, now say it's mostly in their heads, reports... More »

Bizarre Skin Disease Probed

Feds investigate skin-crawling syndrome linked to fatigue and confusion

(Newser) - Federal disease experts have launched an investigation into the outbreak of a mysterious skin condition that causes a stinging or crawling sensation, confusion and fatique, USA Today reports. Cases of Morgellons disease are on the rise, especially in California and Texas. The condition is so little-known that it was only... More »

2 Stories