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Iran Helping Syria Skirt Sanctions

And Russia is shipping in weapons

(Newser) - Iran is quietly helping Syria evade US and European Union sanctions by selling its oil on the international market, US officials have discovered. Transit records show that one shipment last month saw more than 91000 metric tons of crude sent to Iran, the Wall Street Journal reports. An Iranian spokesman... More »

UN Sanctions Sought on Syria

Syria's top arms supplier, Russia, still threatening veto

(Newser) - Seeking to ramp up condemnation of Syria beyond mere words , the European Union, with the support of the United States, has introduced draft resolution to the UN Security Council for a total arms embargo, requiring all sea and air cargo entering and leaving Syria to be inspected, reports the Wall ... More »

US to Freeze Syrian Assets, Impose Sanctions

Europe also considering action

(Newser) - With the bloodshed mounting in the streets of Daraa , the Obama administration is preparing sanctions against Syria, including freezing the assets of top Syrian officials, the LA Times reports. That may not have a ton of impact, since Syrian officials don’t own all that many US assets to begin... More »

Zimbabwe's PM May Face Treason in WikiLeaks Fallout

Tsvangirai's support for sanctions prompts treason probe

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s prime minister could face treason charges over material in WikiLeaks’ cable releases, the Guardian reports. One leaked cable suggests Morgan Tsvangirai said sanctions against his country “must be kept in place.” Now the attorney general is planning an investigation. “The WikiLeaks appear to show a... More »

UN Finally Lifts Saddam-Era Sanctions Against Iraq

Control of oil revenue returned to government

(Newser) - The United Nations has finally lifted sanctions to prevent Saddam Hussein's regime from gaining weapons of mass destruction—4 years after his execution. The Security Council voted unanimously to lift sanctions on weapons and civilian nuclear power and return control of Iraq's oil and gas revenue to its government, AP... More »

Iran Aims to Set Up Covert Banks in Muslim Countries

Tehran is trying to work around sanctions on its banking industry

(Newser) - Iran is attempting to set up undercover banks across the Muslim world, hiding the institutions’ origins with fake names and misleading bureaucracy, the Washington Post reports. Iran is keeping establishments in countries like Iraq and Malaysia shrouded in secrecy as a means of working around tough sanctions, including the Treasury... More »

Israel, Iran Are a Lot Alike

Neither of them trust international law

(Newser) - Israel and Iran may be bitter enemies, but they actually have a lot in common when it comes to international politics, writes Reza Sanati for the Christian Science Monitor . Both view themselves as “the repeated victims of international law and global opinion,” the Middle Eastern Studies professor says.... More »

North Korea: US Owes Us $65T

...for being so mean to us for the past 60 years

(Newser) - With the 60th anniversary of the Korean War fast approaching, cash-strapped North Korea is demanding that the US pay it nearly $65 trillion to repay it for the damage caused by those decades of hostility, the AFP reports. According to the regime's inscrutable math, the US owes $26.5 trillion... More »

Iran Says Nuclear Enrichment Has Begun

IAEA inspectors are there, but agency cannot confirm announcement

(Newser) - Iran took its test of international resolve and patience to the next level today, with state media reporting that it has indeed begun to enrich uranium to a higher level, as threatened yesterday. UN inspectors were present, but couldn't confirm what exactly the Iranians are doing to their current stock... More »

Iran Seethes Ahead of Revolution Anniversary

February 11 will test regime, international community

(Newser) - Feb. 11, the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, promises to bring tests for all parties with a hand in the nation's fate, writes Gerald Seib. Big marches traditionally herald the anniversary, and members of the opposition movement that has bloomed since last June's election will undoubtedly come... More »

Gates Expects 'Significant' Sanctions on Iran

Tehran still unwilling to yield on nukes

(Newser) - Robert Gates warned Iran today in the strongest language yet from the US that it faces serious economic sanctions because of its refusal to budge on nuclear talks. "I think that you are going to see some significant additional sanctions imposed by the international community, assuming that the Iranians... More »

Obama: We Will Sanction Iran

Obama ups pressure on Tehran, North Korea in South Korean speech

(Newser) - Barack Obama offered his toughest talk yet on nuclear issues today in a joint press conference with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. Obama blasted Iran for turning down a deal to turn their nuclear stockpiles into fuel rods, “for internal political reasons, or perhaps because they are stuck in... More »

Russia Shifts on Iran, But Why Remains Unclear

Did Obama convince Medvedev, or is it quid pro quo, Ambinder wonders

(Newser) - Has the US finally convinced Russia that reining in Iran is in both countries’ common interest? Or are indications today that Russia could support sanctions on the rogue nuclear program part of a quid-pro-quo arrangement that President Obama launched last week by shelving the Eastern European missile shield? Marc Ambinder... More »

North Korea Pokes World Again on Nukes

Pyongyang reports progress on uranium for weapons program

(Newser) - North Korea’s official news agencies say the country “is in the concluding stage” of uranium enrichment key to a nuclear-weapons program, the BBC reports—the latest instance of the outlaw regime thumbing its nose at a disapproving international community. “Reprocessing of spent fuel rods is at its... More »

Italy Foils Sale of $18M Yachts to Dear Leader

(Newser) - Italian authorities believe they have torpedoed Kim Jong-Il's hopes of acquiring a pair of new luxury yachts, the Financial Times reports. The sale of the $18 million yachts, which would have violated international sanctions, was blocked after investigators traced the contract to North Korea. Authorities say they have no proof... More »

Iran Refuses to Cede Nuclear Rights

President rejects deadline for halting uranium enrichment

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected an informal deadline from the UN Security Council to halt its uranium enrichment program, the AP reports. In talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Ahmadinejad refused to cede "a single iota of its nuclear rights" despite threats of more sanctions. Tehran maintains its nuclear program is... More »

Ahmadinejad Upbeat Despite Sanction Threats

Deadlocked nuke talks a 'step forward,' insists Iranian prez

(Newser) - After nuclear talks in Geneva ended in a deadlock yesterday, major powers gave Iran a two-week deadline to halt uranium enrichment or face tougher EU and UN sanctions, Reuters reports. But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today presented an upbeat analysis of the discussions. "Any negotiation that takes place is... More »

UN Takes Up Zimbabwe Action Today

US, EU push penalties; eyes are on response of African nations

(Newser) - The UN Security Council today will address the struggle for power in Zimbabwe, one day after opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dropped out of the presidential race because of violent intimidation, the Guardian reports. The US, Britain, and France hope to convince  China and Russia to condemn Robert Mugabe's government. The... More »

UN Cranks Up Iran Sanctions

Security Council continues to press Tehran on nuclear concerns

(Newser) - The UN hit Iran with a third round of sanctions today for refusing to halt its nuclear enrichment program, Reuters reports. The 14-0 security council vote approved more travel and financial limits and boosted trade restrictions, but was curbed by a US report that Tehran had scuttled its nuclear weapon... More »

Kenyan Police Fire on Protesters

Odinga says 7 killed, calls for sanctions

(Newser) - Kenyan police clashed with protesters in the streets of Nairobi today; opposition leader Raila Odinga claims seven were killed as police fired on angry crowds protesting president Mwai Kibaki’s disputed reelection. One witness said police fired live rounds “indiscriminately,” despite assurances that only batons and teargas were... More »

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