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Limbaugh Fights Back With 'Rush Babes'

He launches Facebook group for conservative women

(Newser) - Updates in the Rush Limbaugh chronicles:
  • Rush Babes: He has created the National Organization for Rush Babes to tweak the National Organization for Women, which is continuing to encourage advertisers to bail on him in the wake of the Sandra Fluke story , reports Yahoo News . NORB is a Facebook page
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Summers May Be Off Short List for Treasury

Women's groups oppose selection after flap over science ability

(Newser) - Picking Larry Summers to run the Treasury might be too provocative. Politico reports that the swelling backlash among women's groups—over his notorious comments at Harvard about women’s abilities in math and science—is seriously sinking his chances. Even a Senate confirmation could be dicey. “While it wouldn’... More »

VP Picks Lieberman, Hagel: Disasters for Party Bases

Candidates seem certain to pay for aisle-crossing tickets

(Newser) - With talk that John McCain and Barack Obama could pick Joe Lieberman and Chuck Hagel, respectively, to round out their tickets, liberal and conservative stalwarts tell Politico the aisle-crossing VPs would likely wreak havoc with the parties’ bases. While each has broken with his party on Iraq, Lieberman is far... More »

Abortion Activists Split Over Obama Comment

Remarks on late-term exceptions draw ire, support

(Newser) - A brief budge from a purely pro-choice position by Barack Obama last week drew a heavy round of responses from the reproductive-rights crowd, Politico notes. The blowback came after Obama said to a Christian magazine that health exceptions to a late-term abortion ban shouldn’t extend to women merely “... More »

Matthews: Hillary Jab Was 'Nasty'

Beleaguered Hardball host backs down from anti-Hillary remarks

(Newser) - It took protesters outside NBC's studios, a letter of complaint signed by Gloria Steinem, and a little pressure from on high, but after 10 days Hardball host Chris Matthews backed down from sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post reports. He admitted last night that saying Clinton's political career... More »

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