high intensity focused ultrasound

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Meet the Police's New 'Sound Canons'

Controversial LRAD can cause 'extreme pain,' hearing loss

(Newser) - Last week's police busts on Occupy camps around the United States saw one of the highest-profile deployments yet of high-tech crowd control: sound cannons, reports the Week . Designed to keep birds out of the way of planes at airports, the "long range acoustic device," or LRAD for... More »

Disputed Cancer Therapy Sparks Rush to Border

Docs debate prostate treatment that can't be performed in US

(Newser) - A prostate cancer treatment not approved in the US is drawing patients to Mexico despite American doctors' doubts about its effectiveness and reputed minimal side effects, the New York Times reports. High-intensity focused ultrasound heats the prostate to temperatures near boiling but involves neither surgery nor radiation. Practitioners say it... More »

2 Stories