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Pregnant and Gained Less Than 25lbs? Bad News

...minimal weight gain tied to increased obesity risk for child

(Newser) - The amount of weight a mom-to-be gains during pregnancy may have a link to the weight of the child she bears, a new study finds. Gaining either too much or too little weight can both result in a greater chance that child will be obese, LiveScience reports. The research followed... More »

In Mix-up, Woman Pregnant With Other Couple's Twins

Italian woman didn't learn of the December mistake for 3 months

(Newser) - "Mix-up" is a word best left out of sentences involving another word: pregnancy. But the two are making headlines together following yesterday's report that a woman in Rome became pregnant with twins after undergoing fertility treatment—except the embryos she was implanted with weren't those of her... More »

Alarming Find: Opioid Use During Pregnancy on Rise

Prescriptions for strong painkillers surge despite unknown risks

(Newser) - The risks of taking opioid painkillers during pregnancy aren't fully understood but that hasn't stopped doctors prescribing them for large numbers of pregnant women, an alarming new study in Obstetrics and Gynecology finds. Some 23% of Medicaid-enrolled pregnant women were prescribed opioids like codeine and hydrocodone in 2007,... More »

Mom Dies So Her Baby Can Live

Elizabeth Joice died March 9, six weeks after giving birth

(Newser) - Cancer survivor Elizabeth Joice was told the chemotherapy that helped her beat sarcoma in 2010 would also leave her infertile, so when she and husband Max got the news that she was in fact pregnant last year, "it very much felt like a miracle," he tells CNN . The... More »

Woman's Stomach Ache Really a 9-Pound Baby

Jennifer Scollin delivered a surprise baby boy Saturday

(Newser) - Jennifer Scollin hadn't been feeling well lately and chalked it up to a stomach bug that was going around. But when the Connecticut woman woke up Saturday morning with bad stomach pains, she called her boyfriend to come home—and minutes after he did, her water broke. They called... More »

Woman Faked Quintuplet Pregnancy for Months

Canadian experienced a 'phantom' pregnancy, doctors say

(Newser) - A Canadian woman who looked very pregnant and said she was carrying quintuplets wasn't pregnant at all—and her boyfriend is devastated. Only when Barbara Bienvenue, 37, showed up to deliver her babies at a Quebec hospital last week did a nurse inform the man that there was no... More »

Trouble Conceiving? Stress Could Be to Blame

New study finds link between stress, likelihood of getting pregnant

(Newser) - If you're trying to get pregnant, you may want to go out and get a nice, relaxing massage first: A new study finds that stressed women took longer to conceive. Specifically, subjects with the highest levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that indicates stress, were more than twice as likely... More »

After Birth, Mom Told She Has Rare Placenta Cancer

Jenna Hinman in medically-induced coma

(Newser) - The days that follow giving birth—to twins, no less, in the case of Jenna Hinman —should be joyful ones. Instead, the military wife and mom from Fort Drum, NY, was handed almost unimaginable news following her March 3 emergency C-section: a diagnosis of stage 3 choriocarcinoma, an incredibly... More »

New Reason to Fear Acetaminophen: ADHD

New study finds use during pregnancy is linked to 'ADHD-like behaviors'

(Newser) - The bad news about acetaminophen just keeps on coming: A new study finds that use of the drug during pregnancy is linked to "ADHD-like behavioral problems" in children, CNN reports. The Danish study looked at data from more than 64,000 children and found that those who had prenatal... More »

Woman Expecting Triplets Births 4 Babies Instead

The pregnancy was a surprise for Kimberly Fugate, 42

(Newser) - Pretty much everything about Kimberly Fugate's pregnancy was surprising. The Mississippi woman had no intention of getting pregnant again, only to learn, at age 41, that she was expecting. The day before she turned 42 came the second shock: She was expecting triplets. But when Fugate gave birth at... More »

Brain-Dead Woman's Baby Safely Delivered

Canadian dies soon after healthy son born

(Newser) - Joy and sorrow for Dylan Benson of Victoria, British Columbia: He welcomed a healthy baby son into the world on Saturday night, but had to say goodbye to wife Robyn soon afterward. She was declared brain dead late last year after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage while five months pregnant and... More »

Lawsuit: AOL's CEO Fired Worker When She Lost 2 Babies

Tim Armstrong's issues with pregnant employees go back to 2005

(Newser) - Does AOL CEO Tim Armstrong have an issue with pregnant employees? Well, that's what Valleywag is wondering. To recap, Armstrong caused a stir last week by shifting the company's 401(K) payment schedule to a year-end lump sum—because, he said, AOL has had to pay big bucks to... More »

'Ghost White Baby' Born Without Most of Her Blood

Hope Juarez lost an estimated 80% of her blood before birth

(Newser) - Hope Juarez's first name is an appropriate one: The 6-week-old is only the second known "ghost white baby" born in recent years to actually survive. She's so described because she was born with almost no blood, giving her a very white appearance. ABC 7 reports on the... More »

Pregnant, Brain-Dead Canadian on Life Support

Unborn baby has good chance of survival

(Newser) - Around a month from now, Dylan Benson of Victoria, BC, will lose his wife and—hopefully—gain a son on the same day. Wife Robyn was declared brain dead after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage at the end of December; she had complained of a headache then collapsed at home. She... More »

Catholic School Fires Pregnant, Unwed Teacher

She 'failed to follow Catholic lifestyle'

(Newser) - An unmarried Montana schoolteacher who became pregnant is now unemployed because she failed to "follow a lifestyle in line with Catholic teachings," the diocese says. Shaela Evenson, who has taught literature and physical education to sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders for nine years, was sacked from a private school... More »

Hospital Refuses to Unplug Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman

Marlise Munoz didn't want to be kept on life support, says family

(Newser) - Paramedics Marlise and Erick Munoz of Crowley, Texas, had good reason to talk about their own end-of-life wishes, and Erick says his wife made it clear that she would never want to be kept on life support if there was no chance of recovery, reports the Dallas Morning News . And... More »

Pregnant Moms: You Can Eat Nuts After All

They will protect your child from allergies, research says

(Newser) - Munching on nuts during pregnancy: a benefit or a hazard? Contradicting an earlier study, researchers say that nut-eating while pregnant lowers the chance of the child developing a peanut or tree-nut allergy, Huffington Post reports. Researchers compared data on more than 8,200 children with their mothers' diets, and found... More »

Emergency C-Section Turns Up ... No Baby

Brazilian woman suffered from false pregnancy, referred to psychiatric care

(Newser) - A bizarre story out of Brazil, where doctors performed an emergency C-section on an apparently expectant mother only to find ... no baby at all. When the woman, 37, arrived at Cabo Frio's Woman's Hospital saying she was 41 weeks pregnant and in pain—with a protruding belly and... More »

1 in 200 Women Say They've Had a 'Virgin Pregnancy'

Of course, some are skeptical

(Newser) - An unbelievable-sounding new study finds that one in 200 young American women claims to have experienced a virgin pregnancy, à la the Virgin Mary. The US researchers looked into a long-term, confidential study about reproductive health, and found that 45 of the 7,870 women involved said they had become... More »

Boys More Likely to Be Born Too Soon

'Kangaroo' care can help premature babies survive

(Newser) - In what researchers call a "double whammy for boys," new research has found that they are more likely to be born premature and more likely to die or suffer disabilities from being born too soon. Researchers say the disparity—around 55% of premature births are male—happens all... More »

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