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Southerners Twice as Likely to Apologize Before Execution

Though they're no more likely to show genuine remorse: researcher

(Newser) - In their final moments, Southerners stand apart from other Americans: In statements before execution, Southern inmates were twice as likely to say they were sorry for their actions, a study finds. They weren't, however, "more likely than non-Southerners to express remorse," says researcher Judy Eaton, who perused... More »

Gingrich: I'm Not Dropping Out

He aims to sweep the South

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich says he's not dropping out, despite increasingly loud calls from Rick Santorum supporters for him to do so. "If I thought [Santorum] was a slam dunk to beat Romney and to beat Obama, I would really consider getting out," Gingrich said in a radio interview... More »

Why the Women of One Virginia Town Die Younger

Obesity, smoking are killing women sooner in Emporia, Virginia

(Newser) - Life in Emporia, Virginia, feels a little slower, calmer, and more personal than in the bustling DC suburb of Fairfax that lies just a three-hour drive away. But it's a lifestyle that comes at a cost for the town's women: In affluent Fairfax County, the life expectancy for... More »

25% of Us Have More Sympathy for Confederacy

And 40% of white Southerners feel the same way

(Newser) - Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, and it looks like the conflict is still dividing the country. In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released today, roughly 25% of Americans said they sympathized with the Confederacy more than the Union. Among white Southerners, that figure... More »

Southern Rednecks Killing GOP: Parker

Is it any surprise that birthers are common down there?

(Newser) - Asked recently what was wrong with his party, Ohio Sen. George Voinovich didn’t hold back. “It’s the Southerners,” he said. “They get on TV and go ‘errrr, errrr.’ People hear them and say, ‘These people are Southerners.’” No one’s... More »

Cabinet Devoid of Southerners

Some complain of 'geographical snubbing,' others say it's irrelevant

(Newser) - President-elect Obama has named most of his Cabinet picks—yet thus far, he hasn’t chosen any Southerners, Politico reports. Every president since at least JFK has named Southerners to his cabinet, and some southern Democrats aren’t happy about what they see as “geographical snubbing.” But others... More »

Dems Leave the South Behind

Once-pivotal region misses the boat

(Newser) - Remember when the only winning Democrats were Southerners? Dixie’s desertion of the Democrats made Republicans the dominant party, and only when Democrats stole back part of the pivotal region could they win. Well, writes Adam Nossiter in the New York Times, the South is pivotal no longer. While running... More »

'Screw 'Em,' Hillary Said of Working-Class Whites in '95

She was bemoaning setbacks in South

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has criticized Barack Obama for talking down to low-income voters, but the Huffington Post digs up a quote from 1995 that appears to offer a different stance. Strategizing on how to win back working-class voters in the South, she told her husband: "Screw 'em. You don't owe... More »

Obama Proves Appeal Across Racial Lines

Black backing, broad support and failed Clinton attacks win race

(Newser) - The Clintons threw their worst at Obama during the past week in South Carolina, hoping they'd rattled him, but in fact he emerged from this test of mettle with new strength, Patrick Healy writes in the New York Times. Obama's landslide rested on a high turnout of black voters, but... More »

Huckabee Bids for SC Bounce

GOP hopeful's comments in spotlight as polls show tie with McCain

(Newser) - With Mike Huckabee drawing attention in South Carolina for remarks about the Confederate flag and gay marriage, new polls have the former Arkansas governor drawing even with—or ahead of—John McCain ahead of tomorrow's Republican presidential primary. Huckabee stood up yesterday for the right of sons of the South... More »

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