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Plug In Your Phone Number, See if Robocallers Owe You

Calls about a cruise could get you up to $900

(Newser) - It's the best kind of revenge against robocallers: money in your pocket. The Miami Herald reports that people who got a call about a cruise may be due $300 to $900 thanks to a class-action lawsuit. To find out if you're eligible, you can plug in your phone... More »

Tugs Start to Pull Wrecked Costa Concordia Away

Cruise ship starts 4-day journey to Genoa, Italy, where it will be turned to scrap

(Newser) - The Costa Concordia has begun its final voyage. Tugboats today started towing the wrecked cruise liner away from the tiny Italian island of Giglio, where it capsized after its captain steered too close to the island and struck a reef in January 2012, killing 32 people. After completing the four-day... More »

Cruise Line Boots Joan Rivers Over ... a Joke

Quip about Cleveland kidnapping victims still haunts comedienne

(Newser) - Joan Rivers still knows how to offend people, and half way around the world no less. The Norwegian Cruise Line has canceled her July booking with daughter Melissa over an off-color joke the comedy queen made the other day , the New York Post reports. The comedienne quipped that living arrangements... More »

Cruise Worker Tried to Kill Woman, Toss Her Overboard

Ketut Pujayasa says it was an act of revenge

(Newser) - A cruise worker angry over an alleged slight by a passenger says he took revenge by attacking and raping the woman and attempting to throw her overboard, authorities say. Ketut Pujayasa, 28, confessed to the Valentine's Day crime aboard Holland America's MS Nieuw Amsterdam, which left Fort Lauderdale... More »

5 Hot Events You Can Attend Next Year ... via Cruise Ship

From Mardis Gras to Carnival and beyond

(Newser) - Cruises are about more than just eating as much as possible, lounging by the pool, and wandering around port cities. As Fox News reports, they can also get you to some of the biggest events of the year. A sample:
  • Australian Open: One of the four annual Grand Slam tennis
... More »

Latest Cruise Ship Drama: Fire Onboard

Everyone safe on Royal Caribbean ship

(Newser) - Another day, another example of why you should probably opt for a land-based vacation: A fire broke out aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship this morning, the AP reports. The good news: It was quickly extinguished and all passengers and crew members are safe. The Grandeur of the Seas left... More »

Sewage Sloshing Through Halls of Disabled Cruise Ship

Carnival cruise ship a day away from port

(Newser) - The unhappiest place on Earth may currently be about 200 miles south of Alabama. The Carnival Triumph cruise ship continues its slow journey to that southern state via two tugboats after an engine-room fire took out its main power source on Sunday—leaving it adrift and disabling its water and... More »

Cranky Costa Allegra Passengers Return to Shore

Cruise-gone-wrong full of overflowing toilets, and very hot

(Newser) - The passengers of the Costa Allegra are back on dry land today, and while their voyage didn't end as tragically as the Costa Concordia, let's just say it wasn't the paradise they envisioned. "The toilets were running over, there was no electricity. It was very hot,... More »

Fire Sets Costa Sister Ship Adrift

No one hurt after engine-room crisis

(Newser) - Another public relations nightmare for operators of the Costa Concordia —though this time, no one was hurt. Concordia sister ship the Costa Allegra suffered a fire in its engine room, prompting the engines to be shut off some 260 miles from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Now the... More »

2 Fla. Cruise Ships Stricken by Norovirus

Princess Cruises announces outbreak on Crown Princess, Ruby Princess

(Newser) - If this isn't enough to make you cancel your cruise plans, nothing will: Almost 500 people are sick after coming down with Norovirus on two Florida-based Princess ships. The 499 cases of the illness, which causes diarrhea and vomiting, were reported when the ships returned to Fort Lauderdale this... More »

Cruise Violinist Died Trying to Save Instrument

Sandor Feher helped children before heading back to room for violin

(Newser) - The captain may have jumped ship—or, as he claims, tripped his way off —but it looks like there were some brave musicians on board the Costa Concordia. Hungarian violinist Sandor Feher is the first victim to have been identified, and a pianist who played in a trio with... More »

Woman Dies After Botched Sea Rescue

Janet Richardson, 73, spent nearly eight minutes in frigid waters

(Newser) - Janet Richardson left England for Norway last month, intending to see the Northern Lights with her husband. But little more than a week into the cruise, the 73-year-old, who suffered from diabetes, fell ill on the ship and began to suffer from internal bleeding. A botched rescue led to the... More »

Stranded Cruise: Foul Odors, Feces, Cabins Like Coffins

But some passengers say it was kinda fun

(Newser) - None of the passengers on the stranded Carnival Splendor report tales of true horror—for all the disappointment and inconvenience, their basic needs were met. But the experience could still be harrowing at times, with spoiled food giving off foul odors, and completely dark decks that made the cabins feel... More »

In Ravaged Haiti, Cruise Ships Still Dock

Passengers jet ski, sunbathe 60 miles from earthquake devastation

(Newser) - Despite the fact that the epicenter of Haiti’s deadly earthquake is just 60 miles away, cruise ships are still visiting private Labadee beach. Though Royal Caribbean defended its decision to dock Friday, some customers are “sickened,” the Guardian reports. “I just can't see myself sunning on... More »

Cruise Line Turns Down 'Cougar' Voyage

Older women, younger men forced to find another party venue

(Newser) - For one cruise line, the prospect of a racy party targeted at older women and younger men just isn't worth it. Carnival Cruise Lines hosted a 300-strong group of "cougars and cubs" last month, but when tried to schedule another, Carnival said no thanks. "We have... More »

Cruise Line Unveils Kid-Tracking Bracelets

Wrist bands allow parents to keep tabs on young'uns

(Newser) - Don’t trust your kids to roam wild on a cruise ship? Neither does Royal Caribbean, which has unveiled an electronic bracelet that allows parents to track their movements onboard. The bracelets will work in conjunction with the cruise line’s new iPhone rental service, USA Today explains. All children... More »

Passenger Dies on Luxury Flu-Liner

(Newser) - A 74-year-old passenger has died after some 150 people fell ill with suspected norovirus on the luxury cruise liner Marco Polo, reports the BBC. The ship was touring the UK and Ireland with some 1100 passengers and staff when the illness broke out. The liner is currently being held at... More »

Niche Cruises Set Sail

Specialty vacations offer chance to indulge motorbike, fashion and au naturale fantasies

(Newser) - Increasingly popular niche cruises offer seafarers a chance to indulge in all manner of hobbies, fantasies and obsessions on the high seas, reports Travel and Leisure: For instance:
  • Star Trek/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: This week-long cruise offers fan conventions complete with autograph-signing celebs, star-studded karaoke and a chance to dine
... More »

QE2 Runs Aground on Last Trip

Legendary liner, headed to become floating Dubai hotel, hits sandbar off UK

(Newser) - The Queen Elizabeth 2, one of the most famous cruise ships in the world, endured an inglorious UK homecoming today, running aground as it approached its home port of Southampton for the last time. Five tugboats had to haul the 70,000-ton liner off the sandbank; it still docked in... More »

Hey, at Least Travel Costs Are Plunging

Airlines, cruises, hotels slash prices for those who can still afford it

(Newser) - There’s a spot of good news for travelers amid the barrage of dire economic reports: Those looking for a flight, cruise, or hotel stay may find surprisingly good deals. As financial woes keep many Americans grounded, the travel industry is forced to drop prices to fill space, the Los ... More »

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