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Palin's Just Like That 'Airhead' Reagan

Intellectuals on both sides weren't exactly crazy about the Gipper

(Newser) - It’s easy to see why liberal intellectuals hate Sarah Palin—she represents the “retrograde elements of American society” that have “stolen the country from its rightful (liberal) rulers,” writes Norman Podhoretz in the Wall Street Journal . But conservative intellectuals have come to deride her as well,... More »

Hey, Jews Should Be Conservatives, Not Liberals: Podhoretz

Following 'false messiah' Obama is bad politics, bad religion: Podhoretz

(Newser) - Jewish voters backed Barack Obama over John McCain last year by a staggering 57 points—the most resounding mandate from any group other than African Americans. That bewilders neocon Norman Podhoretz, who argues in the Wall Street Journal that both Judaism and the Jewish experience endorse "the infinitely precious... More »

Why Iran Must Be Bombed

Norman Podhoretz on Ahmadinejad, Hitler, and the case for war with Iran

(Newser) - The only way to protect the West from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to bomb Iran now, writes Norman Podhoretz in Commentary. The irascible neocon blasts left-wingers who downplay the threat of a nuclear Iran, and argues that deterrence won’t stop the Iranian leader once he’s armed. More »

3 Stories