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China Announces Quantum Leap in Encryption

Soon-to-launch communications network said to be 'unhackable'

(Newser) - Communications just got tighter between Alice and Bob, leaving Eve out in the cold. These aren't real people, but rather the names commonly used in scenarios describing quantum cryptography , a type of technology surpassing traditional encryption in terms of keeping communications networks safe from hackers. It's a technology... More »

What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality Fight

New FCC chief Ajit Pai wants to undo rules put in place in 2015

(Newser) - The concept of "net neutrality" is back in the news, with new FCC chief Ajit Pai laying out his plans to undo rules for internet service providers put in place in 2015, reports Ars Technica . The details are dense, but the general battle lines are drawn: Advocates of the... More »

How Private Is Your Web History? Not Very, Decides Congress

Repeal of internet privacy rule now headed for Trump's desk

(Newser) - A measure to repeal online privacy rules brought in under former President Barack Obama before they take effect is on its way to President Trump's desk after the House passed it with a 215-205 vote. The measure—which passed the Senate 50-48 last week—blocks the FCC from enforcing... More »

As Internet Turns 28, Inventor Issues Warning

Tim Berners-Lee says 3 things must change

(Newser) - When Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for a "World Wide Web" to help the European Organization for Nuclear Research manage its data, he didn't realize he was creating a future that would feature fake news and data-stealing dildos . The British computer scientist marked the 28th anniversary of his... More »

Man Spends Millions Bringing Internet Troll to Justice

How Bradley Cohen won one of biggest online defamation awards ever

(Newser) - If someone says something mean about you on the internet, most of us have no choice but to let it go. Then again, most of us don't have millions of dollars and years of our life to dedicate to finding and punishing the online offender. The Wall Street Journal... More »

Inside the Web-Conquering Sensuality of 'Salt Bae'

Fans fawn at Nusret Gokce's seasoning skills

(Newser) - The kids have known about "Salt Bae" since seasoning first hit elbow on Instagram last month. But now that celebrities and professional athletes like Travis Kelce and Usher are getting in on the action, the media is catching up. The Wall Street Journal has a major profile on Salt... More »

Young Coding Whiz in Dark as Cameroon Turns Off Internet

Parts of the country have been off-line for nearly a month

(Newser) - Large swaths of the African nation of Cameroon have been cut off from the internet for a nearly a month now—and it's a punishment, not a tech glitch. The government ordered telecom companies to block access to regions in the southwest and northwest on Jan. 17 following protests,... More »

This Experiment Proves Just How Vulnerable the IoT Is

Unsecured devices with default passwords are easy prey for malicious botnets

(Newser) - After last Friday's massive cyberattack utilized a botnet of infected devices like webcams, printers, and DVRs, the general public now knows what security researchers have been saying for years: these devices are extremely vulnerable to attack. And it turns out, they're under attack a lot more often than... More »

Internet Attack Was Strongest of Its Kind by Far

Experts suspect amateur hackers were responsible

(Newser) - The distributed denial of service attack that sent Internet users into a tailspin Friday was the most powerful of its kind by far, say cybersecurity researchers, and they're especially alarmed because it looks to be the work of amateur hackers. Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and other sites went down as... More »

Hacked DVRs, Cameras, Fridges Launched Attack on Internet

Malware targeted devices with default passwords

(Newser) - Oct. 21, 2016 was the day our fridges—the smart ones, at least—finally turned on us. Friday's massive Internet outage , which affected sites including Twitter and Reddit, was caused by hacked "Internet of Things" devices including DVRs, webcams, and smart fridges, according to the Krebs on Security... More »

Internet Acting Weird Today? You're Not Alone

Outages on Twitter, other sites after DDOS attack

(Newser) - If you like to ease your way into the day by flipping on some Spotify tunes and checking out your Twitter feeds and favorite Reddit forums, Friday morning was probably pretty miserable. That's because those sites, and dozens of others, experienced annoying disruptions (or were down completely for some)... More »

WikiLeaks Says Who Cut Assange's Internet, but Not Why

Says Ecuador turned it off after publication of Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches

(Newser) - Things appear to be getting tense between Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy where he's been holed up since 2012. WikiLeaks—which sparked rumors of Assange's death with odd "dead man's switch tweets" Sunday — tweeted Monday that Ecuador had cut off Assange's internet on... More »

Comcast Is About to Cap Internet Usage for Millions

Its residential internet service will soon resemble your smartphone data plan

(Newser) - Comcast is about to makes its residential internet service a lot more like smartphone data plans for millions of customers, the Washington Post reports. Starting Nov. 1, Comcast will be capping the internet usage of customers in 18 markets—including 12 whole states—at 1 terabyte. According to Ars Technica... More »

US Hands the Internet Over to the International Community

Long-planned handover officially happened on Saturday

(Newser) - The US has officially ceded control over the internet Domain Name System, or DNS. DNS, a key protocol used for routing modern internet traffic, is controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Since 1998, ICANN has been under contract with the US government to administer... More »

N. Korea's Internet Just Leaked— All 28 Websites

(Newser) - Have a few minutes? You can peruse all of North Korea's websites. The country's main Domain Name System server was reportedly misconfigured on Monday and a security engineer for Uber took notice. Matthew Bryant was able to access data on all .kp domain names, then shared it on... More »

Study Finds We Might Owe Microsoft Our Children

Because nobody reads or understands the terms of service before agreeing

(Newser) - If Facebook or Apple ever turns truly evil, we might be in big trouble, apparently. A study published last week found that almost nobody reads online terms of service agreements—and even fewer understand them. Ars Technica reports 543 college students signed up for a fake social networking site called... More »

Disturbing Death in Early Days of Internet Still Haunts

Sharon Lopatka's killing raised debate on 'consensual murder'

(Newser) - The Kernel revisits a disturbing case from the early era of the internet, one in which a woman named Sharon Lopatka expressed an interest online to be tortured until death, met up with a stranger, and was subsequently found dead in 1996. Lopatka, 35, had left a note for her... More »

Grandma Wins Internet With Politest Google Search Ever

England's May Ashworth thought there was a person at Google HQ answering queries

(Newser) - When Ben John went to his grandma's house last week to do laundry, he decided to surf the Internet on her laptop while he was waiting. What he found on the Web page she had open blew his millennial mind, the Guardian reports. "Omg opened my Nan's... More »

What the Heck Is Up With This Reddit Mystery?

At first no one noticed the numbers and letters quietly churning away at A858

(Newser) - It all started back in 2011 when a Reddit account began posting an indecipherable sequence of numbers and letters to a new subreddit, r/A858DE45F56D9BC9, or r/A858 for short. After languishing in Internet obscurity for nearly a year, another Reddit user requested more information, asking: "Do these seemingly random strings... More »

The Internet Has a New Most Popular Browser

Google Chrome ends a reign dating back to last century

(Newser) - The Internet king is dead; long live the Internet king. ABC News reports Google Chrome became the most popular Internet browser in the world in April, overtaking Internet Explorer. Last month, Chrome held 41.71% of the market to Internet Explorer's 41.33%, according to analytics firm Net Market... More »

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