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Brawl Breaks Out at Venezuela National Assembly

Opposition told they can't speak until they recognize Maduro

(Newser) - Rival lawmakers in Venezuela are blaming each other for a National Assembly slugfest that left seven opposition lawmakers injured. State TV cameras in the chamber were pointed toward the ceiling during the brawl, which erupted after opposition lawmakers were denied the right to speak until they recognize Nicolas Maduro's... More »

Maduro Grabs State TV to Blast US, 'Nazi' Opposition

As Washington demands recount

(Newser) - Venezuela's new honcho is proving to be no less dramatic than Hugo Chavez, with Nicolas Maduro breaking into state television no fewer than three times yesterday to blast the US and opponent Henrique Capriles. As the New York Times reports, Maduro worked "himself into what seemed to be... More »

Mbeki Tries to Break Election Standoff in Ivory Coast

Borders are set to reopen today

(Newser) - Thabo Mbeki arrived in the Ivory Coast yesterday, in an attempt to break the political stalemate following the country’s disputed presidential election . The ex-South African president and African Union mediator met with both candidates, and told reporters that the conversation had been positive, according to the Wall Street Journal... More »

Angry Haitians Protest Vote

Candidates call for cancellation, cite 'massive fraud'

(Newser) - As protesters hit the streets, presidential candidates in Haiti banded together yesterday to demand the election be canceled, citing foul play, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Twelve of the 19 candidates are accusing the outgoing president’s party of “massive fraud.” Protesters—some peaceful, some throwing stones—marched... More »

All Votes for Murkowski Go Through One Woman

Gail Fenumiai oversees unprecedented election

(Newser) - With 98,500 write-in votes cast in the Alaska Senate race, the contest is being decided through the actions of one woman: Gail Fenumiai, the director of Alaska's Division of Elections. Fenumiai has been personally overseeing the unprecedented count, in which write-in ballots—some with significantly mutilated spellings of Murkowski's... More »

Obama Bashes Rigged Myanmar Election

Critics say vote a transparent charade

(Newser) - Vote counting has barely begun in Myanmar after the country's first election in 20 years, but critics say the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Reports have been flying of foul play, the Wall Street Journal reports. President Obama criticized the elections as "fundamentally flawed" and urged the junta to... More »

9 Lessons for the Inevitable Recount

First of all, if you don't have a lawyer ready ... it's too late

(Newser) - With at least six Senate races too close to call, and even more in the House, at least one recount is inevitable this Election Day. In the Washington Post , Jay Weiner offers up nine lessons from the high-profile recounts of 2000 (Bush-Gore) and 2008 (Franken-Coleman):
  • Lawyer up—yesterday: Al Franken
... More »

Karzai Sworn In, Vows to Fight Corruption

Afghan prez promises to take over country's security in 5 years

(Newser) - Hamid Karzai vowed to fight corruption today after he was sworn in to a second 5-year term as president of Afghanistan. Karzai, whose election victory was tainted by widespread allegations of vote-rigging, said his government would learn from "our mistakes and shortcomings of the last eight years." The... More »

Karzai's Not So Bad— By Afghan Standards

Blame NATO missteps, not corruption

(Newser) - Hamid Karzai's no saint but he's much better than Mullah Omar, civil war, or the murderous Soviet stooges that ruled Afghanistan for many years, writes Bret Stephens. It has become fashionable among "neo-neo-cons" who have suddenly discovered the virtues of good governance to slam Karzai's tainted administration, but history... More »

Karzai's Rival May Boycott Runoff Vote

Abdullah demands overhaul of Afghan election commission

(Newser) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s strongest political challenger may boycott next month's planned runoff election if the country’s election commission is not completely purged of Karzai supporters. Abdullah Abdullah has consistently charged that without a commission overhaul the vote-rigging which marred the original election is bound to be repeated.... More »

UN to Sack Half of Afghan Election Officials

Ban Ki-Moon plans measures to ensure widespread fraud isn't repeated

(Newser) - The United Nations learned "quite a painful lesson" from the widespread fraud in Afghanistan's August election, and aims to rout out corrupt voting supervisors next time around, Ban Ki-Moon said yesterday. The UN secretary-general said more than half of the election officials should be removed before next month's runoff... More »

Karzai's Government Too Rotten to Back

Sending more troops won't work if they're protecting a tainted government

(Newser) - No counterinsurgency campaign can succeed without a good government to work with, and Hamid Karzai's operation is nowhere near good enough, writes Thomas L. Friedman. Karzai's government is thoroughly corrupt and his election victory deeply tainted, Friedman notes in the New York Times. Much of the insurgency is now fueled... More »

UN Official Denies Cover Up in Afghan Vote

Recount will rectify fraud, says head of mission in troubled nation

(Newser) - The head of the UN mission in Afghanistan is denying that he helped cover up vote-rigging in the disputed Afghan election, refuting charges made by a top US diplomat. In a rare press conference, Kai Eide also said a partial recount being conducted by a UN-backed election panel would root... More »

Recounts Ordered at 2,500 Afghan Voting Sites

Total could drop Karzai low enough to require a run-off

(Newser) - A UN-backed monitoring body ordered Afghanistan's election commission to recount ballots from about 10% of the country's polling stations because of suspicious totals in last month's presidential vote, the AP reports. The recount order raises the possibility that President Hamid Karzai's lead could drop below the 50% threshold, forcing the... More »

Ahmadinejad Wants Opposition Leaders Tried

(Newser) - Just days after Iran's supreme leader tried to dial down the nation's tensions, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ratcheted them right back up again, reports the Los Angeles Times. In a charged speech today in Tehran, the country's president for the first time called for the prosecution of opposition leaders. He didn't name... More »

Karzai Widens Lead in New Poll Returns

He's up 45% to 35%, but only 17% of votes have been counted

(Newser) - President Hamid Karzai extended his lead over his top challenger in Afghanistan's presidential election, but he remained short of the 50% threshold that would allow him to avoid a two-man runoff. With only 17% of the vote counted, Karzai has 44.8%, while Abdullah Abdullah has 35.1%. The count... More »

Mousavi Plans New Party for Iranian Opposition

Reformist leader looks to give political legitimacy to post-election opposition

(Newser) - Mir Hossein Mousavi announced today that he will form a new political group based on the broad opposition that has asserted itself since Iran’s contested elections last month, the BBC reports. Mousavi, the top reformist candidate in those elections, says the organization would give a legal political framework to... More »

Top Clerics Defy Ayatollah Over Iran Election

(Newser) - A potentially big development on the Iran elections tonight: The nation's most prominent clerical group demanded that the results be thrown out and called the new government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad illegitimate, the New York Times reports. The decision may yet collapse under state pressure, but it's a defiant rebuke of... More »

Clinton Pushed Obama for Tougher Stance on Iran

President decided last-minute to use 'appalled and outraged' language

(Newser) - When President Obama recently toughened his language against the Iranian government, saying he was “appalled and outraged” at its violence against demonstrators, it came as a “happy surprise” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, administration officials tell the Washington Times. Clinton had been pushing for a tougher stance... More »

Coleman Concedes to Franken

(Newser) - Norm Coleman isn't going to drag out Minnesota's Senate fight any longer. Coleman conceded the race to Al Franken today, hours after the state's Supreme Court decreed that Democrat Franken was the rightful winner of November's election, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "Further litigation damages the unity of our... More »

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