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Congress Delays Digital TV Switch Until June 12

(Newser) - Congress has decided to give people four more months to prepare for the upcoming transition from analog to digital TV. The House voted today to postpone the end of analog TV signals until June 12. The Senate passed a similar measure last week, so it now goes to President Obama,... More »

House Rejects Digital TV Delay

Republicans argue deferral will cost broadcasters

(Newser) - The House defeated a bill today to delay the switch to all-digital television, the Washington Post reports. The vote comes two days after the Senate approved extending the deadline to June 12 from Feb. 17, and is a defeat for congressional Democrats and the Obama administration, who want to give... More »

FCC to Test TV's Digital Era in N. Carolina

Wilmington will be feds' guinea pig to phase out analog

(Newser) - Wilmington, NC, will be a test market for the switchover to all-digital television, the Wall Street Journal reports. The US as a whole is to change from analog signals by Feb. 17, but Wilmington could flip by Sept. 8 as broadcasters and the Federal Communications Commissions worry over how the... More »

Analog Service Hanging Up on Customers

Digital networks soon only option, but service has its kinks

(Newser) - Phone customers still dialing up using old analog networks will be out of luck—and service—beginning Feb. 18 when the nation’s wireless companies shut down the outdated technology and switch to digital. Of the quarter-billion American cell phone users, the vast majority use digital networks, but some 1... More »

4 Stories