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Duos We'd Rather Not Get Engaged

5 possible and jealousy-inducing celeb engagements

(Newser) - The Yuletide engagement is a tradition of celebrity ostentation—a little treat to make the holiday gloom that much more oppressive for the rest of us, writes Drew Grant . Here are five couples who should just keep their darn happiness to themselves: More »

LiLo: I'm Just Like Britney

Starlet not exactly full of holiday cheer in MySpace post about public trials

(Newser) - In a rambling post on her MySpace page, Lindsay Lohan says she’s “going through a lot right now,” just like Britney Spears did. LiLo praises the “amazing” Brit for chasing her dreams despite publicity and other distractions, then recommends the pop icon’s album to fans,... More »

Just in Time for Holidays: No Job

Families struggle to save traditions on Tiny Tim budgets

(Newser) - Few things ruin the holidays like losing a job. Yet that's what's happening to thousands of Americans just as they were planning to treat friends and families to gifts and holiday gatherings. The turnaround is excruciating as families struggle to save traditions on extremely tight budgets, reports the New York ... More »

What Are You Doing Here, Fat Man?!

Strategies for coping with the too-early holiday season

(Newser) - Halloween is over, and you know what that means: It’s Christmas. The annoyingly early holiday cheer is already descending upon us. Jezebel provides some tips for surviving the X-mas blitzkrieg:
  • Be a Halloween extender: If your neighbors can keep Christmas lights up until February, why can’t you do
... More »

Talk About 'Blue Monday'

Tracking Google searches shows low point before, not after, holidays

(Newser) - Unless you're a Giants fan, it's likely you woke up this morning feeling a bit more than the usual Monday blahs. The third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year, says a Cardiff University researcher. He bases his annual predictions on weather, holiday debt, and broken... More »

5 Stories