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Obama's Energy Speech: Smart Politics, Lousy Plan

Early reaction finds little to get excited about

(Newser) - President Obama laid out his energy plan for America, with the headline-grabbing line that he intends to cut oil imports by a third in about a decade. Read the full text here . A quick survey of bloggers of all stripes finds them underwhelmed, in part because they don't see much... More »

Obama: Cut Imported Oil by 1/3 by 2020

President wants to boost domestic production, biofuels

(Newser) - President Obama will put energy policy in the crosshairs today, calling for the United States to cut the 9.7 million barrels it imports each day by a third by 2020. But even given the precarious energy situations in the Middle East and Japan, notes the Washington Post, the president... More »

Natural Gas Finds Could Herald Energy Shift in US

Discoveries speed push to replace coal, oil

(Newser) - A huge natural-gas discovery in Louisiana, on the heels of similar finds elsewhere over the past decade, is fueling a push to shift the nation’s energy portfolio, the Wall Street Journal reports. Louisiana’s Haynesville Shale could hold the energy equivalent of 18 years of current US oil production;... More »

Obama's Earth Day Pitch: 'New Energy Economy'

America must choose a 'new energy economy,' he says

(Newser) - President Obama returned to Iowa—his crucial campaign battleground win—for Earth Day, hailing the “new, clean energy economy” and unveiling an offshore wind project. “It is time for us to lay a new foundation for economic growth by beginning a new era of energy exploration,” he... More »

Gore: 5 Steps to Save Planet

Nobel laureate calls on Obama, new Congress to act now

(Newser) - The road to energy efficiency is paved with the same solutions needed to fix the economic crisis, Al Gore writes in a New York Times op-ed. Dismissing proposals for domestic drilling, the climate crusader says, “We simply cannot any longer base the strategy for human survival on a cynical... More »

Our Economic Cure? Innovation

Innovation, and making it more efficient, can turn gray skies blue

(Newser) - Democrats and Republicans do have something in common: Both parties are wrong on how to resuscitate the flat-lining US economy, Michael Mandel argues in BusinessWeek. Tax cuts or increased government spending aren’t the cure. “Innovation is the best—and maybe the only—way the US can get out... More »

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Oil Shortages

We're well-stocked for any realistic calamities

(Newser) - Energy security has become a matter of major public hand-wringing, but everyone ought to calm down, write Eugene Gholz and Daryl G. Press in the New York Times. Our oil supplies are perfectly safe—the US, its businesses, and its allies have more than enough oil to weather any short-term... More »

Pickens' 'Energy Plan' Lacking in Actual Detail

Talk may be cheap, but oilman spending $58M to push empty rhetoric

(Newser) - T. Boone Pickens has plenty of ideas about making the US less dependent on oil, and he has plenty of reasons why. But broad generalizations about using wind power to generate electricity and natural gas to power cars doesn’t offer enough “how-to-get-it-done” detail to make it an actual... More »

Bush is Botching $4.11, Just Like He Did 9/11

Drilling will only worsen America's addiction

(Newser) - If a "crisis is a terrible thing to waste," then George Bush's reactions to 9/11 and the $4.11 average gas cost make him a doubly terrible leader, writes Tom Friedman in the New York Times. Instead of using rising gas costs to spur the nation to energy... More »

Saudis May Boost Oil Supply Even Higher

But OPEC blames speculators and credit crisis for high prices

(Newser) - A hastily organized summit meeting in Saudi Arabia today offered little relief to oil consumers, Bloomberg reports. The Saudis did vow to increase production if needed, but OPEC blamed speculators and the credit crisis, not markets, for surging oil prices. "Saudi Arabia is prepared and willing to produce additional... More »

Who Cares Who We Talk to?

The only way to revive US influence is to stop empowering our foes with oil dollars

(Newser) - Though politicians and pundits alike are caught up in which foes the US should or shouldn't be reaching out to, Thomas Friedman, in the New York Times, points out that few world leaders of any stripe are sitting by the phone waiting for our call. Waning American influence and the... More »

House Passes Bill to Halt Big Oil Tax Breaks

Veto threat as Republicans call it industry discrimination

(Newser) - Millions of dollars in tax breaks enjoyed by the top five oil companies would be rescinded under an $18 billion tax package which cleared the House of Representatives yesterday. The money saved would be plowed into creating alternative sustainable energy sources. It represents just a penny a gallon to the... More »

Israel Revs Up Electric Cars

Endorses national initiative to switch to electric cars

(Newser) - Israel is taking the first steps toward getting drivers behind the electric wheel. The country today unveiled a joint project that calls for Renault-Nissan to build cars and a California startup to build the infrastructure. The electric cars are to hit the mass market by 2010 with half a million... More »

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