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Denmark Goes All-In on Electric Cars

Deal with Better Place aims to make it a 'laboratory country'

(Newser) - Denmark is so gung-ho about electric cars that it’s giving its people a $40,000 tax credit to buy one, and planning to line the streets with charging and battery-swap stations. They’re even keeping free parking open for them in downtown Copenhagen. Yet consumers, and some industry experts,... More »

Monthly Fee May Pave Way for Electric Car Boom

Developer strikes deals with countries, cities for broad charging infrastructure

(Newser) - An Israeli entrepreneur bets you’ll be willing to pay to fuel up your car like you pay your monthly cell phone bill. If Shai Agassi is right, Jim Motavalli writes in Yale Environment 360, it could be the charge electric cars need to succeed. Partnering with nations, cities, and... More »

Why Are We Bailing Out Car 1.0?

Detroit is getting left behind

(Newser) - In the modern global economy, Thomas Friedman has a simple rule: “Whatever can be done, will be done,” and if you’re not the one doing it, someone else is. Detroit’s automakers aren’t exploring new business models, so other companies are. When one of them clicks,... More »

Israel Revs Up Electric Cars

Endorses national initiative to switch to electric cars

(Newser) - Israel is taking the first steps toward getting drivers behind the electric wheel. The country today unveiled a joint project that calls for Renault-Nissan to build cars and a California startup to build the infrastructure. The electric cars are to hit the mass market by 2010 with half a million... More »

4 Stories