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Best Positions for a Good Night's Sleep

Aches and pains require that you sleep a certain way

(Newser) - Getting enough sleep is one thing, but it's vital to sleep in the right position if you suffer from certain pains and medical conditions. The Wall Street Journal sums up the experts' advice:
  • Obstructive sleep apnea/snoring: This condition can cause dangerous narrowing or blockage of the airway—and sleeping
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iPad Can Hurt Your Neck, Study Finds

At least if it's resting on your lap all the time

(Newser) - Everyone knows hunching over a laptop for too long can hurt your neck, but you might not realize that using an iPad might be even worse. A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health and researchers at tablet non-player Microsoft found that using a tablet usually strains users'... More »

Lift Weights, Reap Hefty Benefits

Strength training provides health benefits that aerobic workouts can't

(Newser) - Pumping iron has long been known to improve strength and prevent injury, but evidence increasingly points to a wide range of other benefits, writes Judy Foreman in the Boston Globe. The findings—decreased heart disease and neck pain, improved metabolism and balance—are driving groups such as the American Heart... More »

3 Stories