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Ship's Crew Trapped Since April Finally Going Home

'A shameful story of crew neglect'

(Newser) - Fifteen crew members stuck aboard a cargo ship anchored off the coast of Savannah, Ga., for four months will soon be going home, the AP reports. According to NPR , the Newlead Castellano—owned by NewLead Holdings in Greece—was seized by US marshals in April over unpaid loans. Attorney Todd... More »

On Collision Course With France: Tilting Cargo Ship

Modern Express will crash into coast in next 48 hours if rescue workers can't harness it

(Newser) - A coastal resort and a national park are in peril if salvage workers aren't able to harness a listing cargo ship poised to crash into France within the next 48 hours. Since the 540-foot Modern Express began tilting Tuesday off the coast of Spain, rescue efforts have been dogged... More »

Wife of Missing El Faro Engineer Is Pregnant With Twins

Katie Griffin speaks out

(Newser) - In July, Katie and Keith Griffin found out they were expecting. On Sept. 24, they found out they were expecting twins. "He was out on sea but I called him on Facebook Messenger because I wanted to see his face," Katie tells People . "He was so happy... More »

'Mechanical Failure' Doomed Cargo Ship

Loss of such a big ship is extremely rare, experts say

(Newser) - The captain of the El Faro planned to sail ahead of Hurricane Joaquin, but the cargo ship was doomed by a mechanical failure that left it at the mercy of the storm, according to the vessel's owner. The CEO of Tote Services says the captain, who was last heard... More »

Coast Guard Finds Body, Says Missing Ship Is Presumed Lost

Coast Guard says El Faro likely sank at its last known position

(Newser) - The Coast Guard says a body has been found in the search for a cargo ship that disappeared in the eye of Hurricane Joaquin carrying 33 crew members. In addition to life rings and other debris from the 790-foot El Faro, Capt. Mark Fedor says "less than a handful"... More »

Cargo Ship Disappears Near Eye of Hurricane

Coast Guard is searching for the El Faro and its 33 crew members

(Newser) - The Coast Guard has not been able to reestablish contact with an American cargo ship that disappeared near the eye of Hurricane Joaquin after taking on water and losing power, Action News Jacksonville reports. There are 28 US citizens and five Polish nationals on board. The 735-foot El Faro left... More »

Workers Removing Debris Find 18th-Century Shipwreck

Maryland wreckage appears to be a 45-foot cargo ship fastened with wooden pegs

(Newser) - A maintenance crew removing debris from under the US 50 Bridge over the Nanticoke River in Maryland last spring thought they might have hit on something special when they saw wood that looked like ship timbers. They were certainly right: Archaeologists are now confirming that it isn't just a... More »

Why Rubber Blocks Keep Appearing on Europe's Beaches

They come from shipwrecks—including, perhaps, the Titanic

(Newser) - From Britain to Spain to Denmark, rubbery blocks have recently washed up on beaches, all bearing the same word: Tjipetir. It's still not certain where each block comes from, but a woman who found one while walking her dog in England has a pretty good idea, the BBC reports.... More »

Galapagos Threat 'Could Unleash a Disaster'

Ecuador declares emergency over stranded freighter

(Newser) - A new threat to the Galapagos Islands "could unleash a disaster," say officials: a cargo ship. At Galapagos officials' urging, Ecuador (which owns the islands) yesterday declared an environmental emergency there after a ship ran aground last Friday. The 19,000 gallons of cargo fuel the Galapaface 1... More »

China Seizes Japanese Ship Over Debt ... From 1936

Move could harm business ties: Japan

(Newser) - China has seized a Japanese cargo ship, saying the move is tied to payment that's been missing since 1936. At that time, Japan leased a pair of Chinese ships which later sank, the BBC reports, citing Japan's Kyodo News. The "sudden seizure" of the ship, acknowledged by... More »

Rolls-Royce Plans New Drones: Ships

The idea is in prototype but faces years of regulatory approval

(Newser) - Might ship captains someday do all their work from land instead of sea? Bloomberg reports that Rolls-Royce is working on a prototype of a drone freighter ship. One advantage, financially speaking, is that such ships could carry more cargo because they wouldn't need to make room for humans and... More »

Crew Saved as Cargo Ship Splits in Two

Helicopters winch 12 to safety off France

(Newser) - A dramatic rescue operation yesterday brought all 12 crew members to safety when a cargo ship slammed into a breakwater off the coast of France and split in two. Two helicopters winched the men to safety amid rough seas and strong winds and the only injury was a broken nose,... More »

Air Force Ship Becomes Artificial Reef Off Fla. Keys

WWII cargo ship also tracked missiles and spacecraft

(Newser) - Demolition experts sank an Air Force ship this morning to create an artificial reef in the Florida Keys, the AP reports. The 17,000-ton, WWII-era cargo ship took less than 2 minutes to sink after a series of explosions. The new "reef" is expected to bring in about... More »

Somali Pirates Release Togo Ship, Score $100K Ransom

Tanker was to deliver food aid to Somalia

(Newser) - Somali pirates have released a Togo-flagged cargo ship that was to deliver food aid to their own country, the BBC reports, but only after securing a ransom rumored to be $100,000. “Somali traders were involved in the release,” a pirate source told Reuters. They paid “not... More »

US Military May Strike Pirates on Land

In Jefferson's time, US hit land bases

(Newser) - One way for the US to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden is to cut it off at the source, targeting Somali pirate land bases. Coupled with economic and food aid for Somalia’s citizens, this plan is the only “silver-bullet solution,” an analyst tells Bloomberg. Such... More »

Pirates Seize 21 Americans on Cargo Ship off Somalia

Sixth ship seizure in a week; first with all-American crew

(Newser) - After a sustained 5-hour attack off the coast of northern Somalia overnight, pirates have hijacked a US-flagged cargo ship with 21 crew members aboard, the BBC reports. A Kenya-based diplomat identified the vessel as the 17,000-ton Maersk Alabama, reports the AP, and said all the crew members are American.... More »

S. Korean Ship Missing After Collision

Slammed into Panamanian vessel; 16 sailors disappear

(Newser) - A South Korean freighter remains missing after it collided with a Panamanian cargo ship off Japan early this morning, AFP reports. Japanese rescuers are searching for the vessel, which was carrying 16 sailors. “We believe the ship probably sank,” said a coast guard official. “We found an... More »

Hit Pirates With Somalia Blockade

Policing them where they hold their prey is more effective than ocean patrols

(Newser) - The Somali pirates terrorizing shipping lanes are clever, Peter Fromuth writes in the Washington Post, but their biggest advantages are those pirates have enjoyed throughout history: “big seas, many prey, and few protectors.” There are too many targets for warships to mount effective patrols on open waters. Instead,... More »

Pirates Discuss Ransom for Arms Shipment

But demands diminish as international noose appears to tighten

(Newser) - The Somali pirates who hijacked a Ukranian ship carrying a weapons shipment are in ransom negotiations with the vessel’s owners, the BBC reports. No governments are involved in the talks, sources said. The pirates seem to be flexible: They initially asked for a $35 million ransom, then $20 million,... More »

Oil Spill Snarls Mississippi

Workers racing river to clean up gigantic slick near New Orleans

(Newser) - An oil spill stretching nearly 100 miles along the Mississippi is causing river traffic to pile up, AP reports. Dozens of vessels are stuck in New Orleans waiting to head upriver. Others are waiting to carry cargos of grain downriver from the heartland. Officials say it will be days before... More »

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