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Netflix's $1M Code Contest Was Tech's 'Willy Wonka' Prize

At the time, it was giant news in the world of coding

(Newser) - At the time, it was giant news in the world of coding: In 2006, Netflix offered $1 million to anyone who could improve its movie-recommendation algorithm by 10%. In doing so, CEO Reed Hastings took the unprecedented step of making available the company's huge troves of data from customers.... More »

Women Deemed Better Coders— if Not IDed as Women

Study of GitHub developers shows possible link to gender bias

(Newser) - When a group of student computer scientists decided to test their hypothesis that software coding done by women doesn't get as much cred as that done by males, they came face to face with a couple of surprises. In the not-yet-peer-reviewed study published in the open-access PeerJ journal, researchers... More »

Girl Coder, 17, Rules All-Guy Field at Hackathon

Jennie Lamere's Twivo blocks TV show spoilers from your Twitter feed

(Newser) - Jennie Lamere was the only girl competing at a Boston hackathon last month, and the only of 80 coders who competed solo. So when the 17-year-old New Hampshire native took 10 hours and 150 lines of code to come up with a gizmo that lets you block Twitter spoilers for... More »

Programmers Take on Rock Star Status

Competitions, money power coder boom

(Newser) - A growing number of computer programmers aren’t content to be anonymous code monkeys: Today’s most talented tech nerds are paid exorbitantly well to turn out brilliant code, and can even earn a small amount of fame doing it, ComputerWorld reports. “Some developers base their careers around eventually... More »

4 Stories