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Mideast Regimes Use US Software to Censor Web

Firms cite lack of control over how products are used

(Newser) - Behind Middle Eastern governments' censorship of the Web, an uncomfortable reality—US products help do the dirty work. Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia use filtering programs by McAfee; other US and Canadian firms have sold Web-filtering technology to Yemen and Qatar, among other countries, the Wall Street Journal reports. The... More »

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet

Other regimes might be able to do the same thing

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom holds that the Internet is too resilient and decentralized for a government to simply shut it down, but Egypt managed to do just that, and engineers are just starting to realize how. Cairo controls—and was able to close off—the handful of lines that connect Egypt to... More »

Porn Confluence Moves Mag to Change Name

Spam filters often blocked The Beaver ; it'll be Canada's History

(Newser) - Canada’s second-oldest magazine is changing its name after finding itself at an unfortunate intersection with Internet pornography. Like many print publications, history publication The Beaver is struggling to add readers, and its name often leads spam filters and other safeguards to block its content. It will relaunch in April... More »

Bing, Yahoo Bar Web Porn in India

Search engines switch India to stricter settings

(Newser) - Indian computer users enter "sex" into search engines more than users in any other country, but Internet firms have moved to deliver only sanitized results to the nation. Yahoo's search engine and the Flickr photo-sharing site have switched the entire country's setting to "safe search" only, as has... More »

China Scraps Web Filter Software Mandate—for Now

(Newser) - China is postponing enforcement of a new rule mandating that all new computers be sold with filtering software. The rule was to go into effect tomorrow, but the official Xinhua News Agency said in a brief report today that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had decided to delay... More »

Spam Doesn't Waste Energy, Humans Do

Study miscalculates how people use computers: Kaplan

(Newser) - A recent study that equates spam’s carbon footprint to that of a whopping 2.4 million homes is fascinating, but completely wrong, Jeremy Kaplan writes in PC Magazine. The researchers traced most of the energy usage to the end user’s computer, but that energy-waster would probably be left... More »

AT&T Might Filter Internet Traffic

Aim is to punish illegal file-sharing, but privacy concerns abound

(Newser) - AT&T is considering steps to filter the Internet traffic it provides in order to stop illegal file-sharing, the AP reports. CEO Randall Stephenson, speaking to the World Economic Forum today, likened the company's role as passive participant in copyright infringement to witnessing a crime: "It's like being in... More »

7 Stories